1. K

    Daca to Green Card adjustment of status

    I am a Daca recipient who recently got married and am beginning the application status for green card adjustment. I have seen many suggestions that I should use my new marriage name on the forms. My concern is that besides my marriage certificate I have no other documents with my new name. Would...
  2. IMissNY

    Re-entering the US after leaving as a DACA recipient

    If you had DACA then voluntarily leave to pursue studies in another country is it possible to return? I was not granted permission to reenter prior to leaving although I did apply. It’s been 3yrs now, am I still banned from applying for a visa to visit the US?
  3. L

    DACA terminated! Marriage only hope.

    I had applied for the DACA I was finally accepted with an expunged DUI (10 year old) DUI. The first time around I was rejected because it was not expunged. 2 years ago! Now out of nowhere they decide to reopen my case and terminate my DACA Now I fear my case will be sent to ICE. I have talk...