conditional green card

  1. A

    Green card approval date and a conditional Green card, a little help?

    Hello, Hope everyone of you is having a nice day. I just needed some information about the "Green card approval date" and it's link to getting a conditional Green card. Some context: My wife is a US citizen and applied for my I-130 last summer. We finally got our approval in late January and...
  2. M

    US citizenship Interview

    I appeared in my scheduled interview for US citizenship, when I arrived to federal plaza uscis NY, they said they don’t have my file and USCIS center failed to send it. The officer keep my notice and told me that it is the evidence that I appeared in my supposed interview and I have to wait for...
  3. Mitzey

    Domestic Violence conviction and Divorce. Can I still remove my Green Card conditions?

    Hi. So long story short. I moved to California from the UK, after my ex-wife had told me she was pregnant from my previous visit. We had been seeing each other long distance over the years. So I adjusted status through marriage to her (US Citizen). I have my conditional permanent residency green...
  4. M

    10 years Green Card for 2+ years marriage counting from when

    Hi all, I wonder if anyone could help me with this question. My wife is a US citizen, I have been in the US with H-1B Visa. Our 2 years marriage anniversary is in 1 week. If we submit I-130 and I-485 concurrent filing Now, would I received 2 years GC or 10 years GC? I have read and some people...
  5. M

    N400 question on what counts as detained?

    Hi - I have my n400 interview next week and would like to know what counts as detained? About 5 years ago I traveled to Bahamas and had both my conditional permanent resident card and my new permanent resident card and on the way back was approached by a border patrol officer on why i had...
  6. N

    I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions documents

    Does anyone know what the normal page count of papers is to accompany an I-751 (petition to remove conditions on a 2-year green card)? My wife and I filed an I-751 last year. We received a letter back recently from USCIS saying we hadn't supplied enough documentation. Amongst other things, we...