1. M

    N400 naturalization success story with pending traffic ticket

    Have anyone got success into N400 naturalization interview while traffic infraction court date pending ? I have 5 traffic tickets throughout 10 years and one got just last month. Everything is paid and cleared except last one. The court date is next month, but my interview is coming week. Should...
  2. L

    Citizenship application denied for applying “too early”?

    I enter the US as a LPR on December of 2016 after being sponsored by my spouse who at the time was a LPR as well. My spouse became a US citizen on early April 2017. I applied for US citizenship and filed on January 2020 (2 years, 9 months and 22 days after becoming a LPR). According to the USCIS...
  3. Potts More

    Question: N400 under 3y LPR rule with Abuse Waiver?

    Hi fellas, I've been reading some articles related to my immigration situation, I learned that when I-751 is approved under the abusive/battery rule, the applicant is eligible to apply for N-400 under the 3-year rule. Anyone whose spouse was U.S. Citizen and gets approved under ROC abuse waiver...
  4. A

    N-400 or N-600?

    Hello everyone. I would like to explain to you an unusual case of mine. I was born abroad in July 1997. In January 2015, my stepmother, who is an American citizen since 2005, has applied for my permanent resident (when I was 17 years old) and my father was not a U.S. citizen yet. My father...
  5. D

    N400 citizenship interview as a derivative asylee

    Hi Good People, After a year of waiting I finally got my citizenship interview date. I am a derivative asylee . I would like to know if anyone has any experience with the citizenship interview as a derivative asylee? Thank you
  6. duttT

    US Citizenship requirement

    Hi, I am planning to apply for US citizenship soon. I saw in the documents required checklist that I need to produce my current valid and expired passport for travel certifications. My current passport has expired in Feb, 2020 and due to covid-19 restriction, my passport renewal application got...
  7. A

    Citizenship application with a history driving license suspension

    During 2013-2014 I had received 4 traffic tickets - all minor, and I had duly paid them off. But Oregon law requires a driving license suspension for 30 days if there are 4 tickets within a period of 2 years. After 30 days, the license was fully reinstated. My questions are : (1) Is that a...
  8. L

    Citizenship Interview

    Hello, I became a permanent resident in 2012, I’ve decided to finally naturalize. I came to the USA in 1999 as a visitors visa and overstayed. I met my husband he is a US citizen by birth we had a daughter and that’s how I obtained my permanent resident card obviously years later. I lost the...
  9. Zara.t

    N400 with Stricken-off with Leave/ Retail Theft Type A

    I have a case that was dismissed in 2012 December in IL. It was retail theft for under $150. I was arrested, fingerprinted and released without bail and expected to come to the court on court date. I did but the store representative/lawyer did not show up so the case was dismissed is what I was...
  10. D

    Passport/Citizenship question..

    Hello All! I would first like to say thank you again to everyone that helped me throughout my process of applying for my passport/citizenship so many years ago! You guys helped me out a lot and I could not thank you enough! Anyway, today I come to ask for a friend of mine who is in a slightly...
  11. O

    U.S. Citizenship and a Drug Citation

    I live in Texas. Back in January I was given a class C misdemeanor for drug paraphernalia(a weed pipe) and being in the park after hours. I hired an attorney to try and get the case dismissed, and it's still pending. I became a legal resident at 16 with my mom through VAWA due to some family...
  12. 7

    Reasons behind the denials

    I would give a king's ransom if I could find out the reasons behind the 83k+ applications for naturalization that were denied in 2017. Or the 100k+ denials in 2009. That is the cynic in me. But the optimistic in me looks at the approvals...~72% in 2017.
  13. C

    Arrested after the citizenship interview but before oath ceremony.

    I received a letter of invitation from USCIS for the Oath Ceremony. Unfortunately, I got arrested right after for criminal charges which the process may take a year to be dismissed. What are the chances that they let me do the oath? What are the chances that they take my GC and deny my...
  14. Spring170

    Immigrant trying to get passport. Passport question

    I had no desire to get a passport until my school told me that my fafsa would not work unless I can show proof of citizenship. I was born in Africa and came here when I was 1. Both of my parents became citizens when I was 4-5. When I first sent my application I included : -my green card...
  15. J

    Bizarre incident at the oath ceremony

    I was scheduled for an Oath ceremony at the Irving, TX center ( Judicial ceremony due to a name change). I came in early and successfully completed the check in and the rest of the paperwork and was seated for the Judge to arrive. Just before the ceremony started, an officer called my name and...
  16. G

    Form N-600 - Confused about item 21

    Hi, I recently made an account just to ask this question. I can't understand how to answer item 21 in Part 2. It asks: Do you regularly reside in the United States in the legal and physical custody of your U.S. citizen parents? Yes or no. I am currently an adult (age 24), so I don't think...
  17. C

    filed as head of household when married- Naturalization

    I have a problem. I'm am doing my form N-400 and I am stuck at the part where I have to submit the tax returns for the past 3 years. My husband and I have been filing as married filing jointly for the past two years. However three years ago I filed as head of household under a different address...
  18. Rollax

    Acquiring US citizenship after birth

    Hi I'm Nick, I was born out of wedlock to a US citizen father and a non-US citizen mother. I recently turned 20 and I've been living in Germany my whole life. A blood relationship has been established, my father meets all physical requirements, has agreed to provide financial support (I...
  19. S

    Apply for I-90, N-400, or both?

    USCIS made an error for "Country of Birth" on my Permanent Resident Card (Green Card), it says "USA" but I was born in a foreign country. Caught the error late and never had it corrected/replaced. My PRC expires on June 20, 2019. Here is my dilemma: There will be important things I need to do...
  20. S

    Child citizenship act of 2000, can I just get a passport?

    Hello, I entered the USA in 2005 as a LPR, I was under 18, and in the custody of my US citizen mother. I left the USA in 2010. I have been researching and I believe I meet the requirements under the CCA of 2000 as I was under 18 when this all occurred. Fast forward I am now 23 wanting to live...