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  1. L

    Green Card for Parents born before 1950, and don't have birth certificate

    Dear Rajiv, I am a US citizen and applying green card for my parents in India. Both are born before 1950, do not have a birth certificate/marriage certificate and also do not have close relatives/siblings to provide an affidavit. How do I proceed in this case?
  2. M

    I-130 Father's green card - No Marriage Certificate | Please help!

    Hi, all - I am a US Citizen planning to apply Green Card for my dad (who is currently in US). I am looking to find if my dad needs a marriage certificate for application? When my parents got married in 1985, they did not have a marriage certificate. Now what are my options to prove my father is...
  3. G

    Father Not on My Birth Certificate and 212(6)(C)(i)/235(b)(1)

    Hello, I am a U.S Citizen and I want to petition my father who lives in the Philippines. However, his name is not on my birth certificate due to a certain law, called The Philippine Family Code, according to my mother. To sum it up, my mother and father do not have a legitimate marriage. My...
  4. Rollax

    Acquiring US citizenship after birth

    Hi I'm Nick, I was born out of wedlock to a US citizen father and a non-US citizen mother. I recently turned 20 and I've been living in Germany my whole life. A blood relationship has been established, my father meets all physical requirements, has agreed to provide financial support (I...
  5. Q

    RFE for N400, birth certificate of former name

    Hi all, I am Turkish and I received RFE even after the successful citizenship interview! I changed my name once many many years ago when I was home, and USCIS now want me to send them birth certificate for my old name. This is very country specific but I am wondering if anybody here had the...
  6. B

    last name spelled wrong in birth certificate

    Hello Everyone, Going to file GC for parents (am US citizen) . the last name of both my parents is misspelled on my birth certificate. i.e. - its spelled as AGRAWAL , whereas all other documents like my passport, parents's passport , their marriage certificate has it as - AGARWAL . the...
  7. B

    Petitioner's Birth Certificate

    Hello Everyone, thank you all for the important information exchange on this forum. My q- while filing for parents i 130( by a USC and going for CP), if the birth certificate of the petitioner has only the initials of the father along with the last name and not the full first and middle name...
  8. A

    Question before applying for GC EB-2

    Hi, I'm seeing a challenge in getting my Birth Certificate, that is required for the EB-2. The small hospital in which I was born no longer exists, and it was converted into a school several years back. The corporation in my country had asked to check with the municipality and see if they...