asylum case pending

  1. T

    Pending Asylum and DV Lottery 2021

    Hi, I’ve been reading so many posts people inquiring whether it is possible to get a green card through DV lottery while having a pending Asylum case. But I have not found a single successful story of one whether successfully processing AOS on pending asylum which seems not possible or...
  2. Nalvarez1995

    Asylum Granted

    Good morning. I work in a immigration law office we have never had an affirmative asylum case granted, they are always referred to court and after a good defense they have been approved. I would like to know if people who have had approved affirmative asylums can send me samples or examples...
  3. M

    Filed affirmative asylum without return receipt postcard

    Hello I don’t know if any one filed for asylum without a return receipt request post card . I filed last month via certified mail and it was delivered and signed for at the Texas service center .I have proof of mailing and delivery .However ,I haven’t received any receipt of acknowledgment from...
  4. Ishrath

    Case Status Change

    I have failed my case in mid 2017 and didn't get a chance to appear fo the interview. As I was checking my case Status online all this time the status was " Next Step Is an Interview " but recently the status changed to " Application is Pending " so my question is what does this mean should I...
  5. A

    immigration(dv lottery /asylum) lawyers

    Im looking for a suggestion on an experienced immigration( dv lottery and asylum) lawyers. there are so many lawyers, that its hard to find out which one is good. any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. thank you in advance.
  6. Ali hamwi

    Asylum wait...

    Hi, my dad applied for asylum in 2015 in Florida, and yet no interveiw has gone further... what should he do and how much longer may he wait.. please help!!!
  7. J

    Request for DS-2019 extension while having pending asylum case

    Hi all, I'm student on expired J1-visa, Ds-2019 (will expire within 3 months), pending asylum case, married to american citizen and waiting for J1 Waiver Exceptional Hardship to get approved (it has been almost 1.5 year waiting to the decision). I want to request DS-2019 extension before the...