affidavit of support

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    When should I pay the AOS and IV fees

    I belong to the F4 category visa. I have received the NVC case creation email on February 8,2021 with nvc case number and invoice id. Should i pay the fees within 1 year from the date that i received the email(i.e. February 8,2022). Or will NVC contact me again to start paying the fees?
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    Parents sponsor for GC and I130/I485 Question

    Hi. I have little complex situation, and could not resolved. I am planning to sponsor parents for GC, but they live in San Francisco with my brother. The issue is only processing time, and travel while pending cases. few questions are as : 1. Can I petition parents from Nashville, bundle...
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    Do I have the right idea regarding I 864 Affidavit of Support?

    Hello everyone I'm planning to be a joint sponsor for my son. My daughter in law (USC, the sponsor/petitioner) is sponsoring my son (beneficiary) but her income wasn't enough as seen on their joint tax income return 2018. He's still waiting for his EAD. I've lived with them since October of...
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    Affidavit of Support (AOS) fee for 2 applications?

    Hi Everyone, I am doing 2 applications of GC at the same time, one for each of my parents. While they are separate, they are linked since they go together. I wanted to know if I had to pay the AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT (AOS) fee twice or just once? If just once, how do I show that I already paid it...
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    Affidavit of support for working spouse - Marriage Greencard

    Hello, My wife is a US Citizen and she is filing for a green card for me. We have been married since March 2016. We know one of the documents we need to file is the affidavit of support. The issue is my wife is a student but I work. I make enough to satisfy the requirement for the two person...
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    HELP Immigrant Visa Interview Soon and Affidavit/Sponsor Issue!

    Hey everyone, Me and my US husband have been applying for my spouse sponsored visa since january (I'm from UK), and when we started applying he was in the US Air Force. He was still in when we filled out the Affidavit I-864EZ which states he is currently employed in the US Air Force and shows...