adjustment of status

  1. zyan

    Studying while waiting for my green card (EB3)

    Summary: Can I attend university (2 yr full-time Masters degree) while I am on adjustment of status? Details: I am currently on an H1B visa. I'm the primary person applying for the green card through EB3. My I485 was filed July 2021, fingerprint was collected Dec 2021, and EAD was received in...
  2. K

    Traveling abroad with P1 Visa while Green card adjustment of Status pending

    Hello. I came to US on a P1 visa and my extension of stay has been approved and valid until 10 months from now (I have a valid I-797 and I-94 ). I have applied for EB-1A (Extraordinary Ability Category I-140) as a self petitioner and got approved. I have also filed for adjustment of Status...
  3. S

    Need Help regarding CP VS AOS issue.

    Hello everyone, I have an issues regarding my approved i130 going to CP though I applied for an AOS. And advice would be much appreciated. Here is my case in a nutshell, I came to the US on a h1b which expired in OCTOBER 2021. My wife who is a citizen, filed for my i130 online, and I later...
  4. S

    Adjustment of status from pending asylum to EB3 green card?

    Hi Everyone, I need help on this serious issue!!!! I came to USA on B2 visa and after arriving to USA within 3 months i applied for Asylum. I got my asylum filing notice before the expiry of my non-immigrant status. Now i got a chance for EB3. most of the lawyers told me that it is possible for...
  5. J

    What is my next step or what could I do ?

    So in 2013 I received an notice EOIR 42B cancelled removal and adjustment of status for certain non permanent residence. It says the notice acknowledges the above reciept and fee as part of the requirement before the Judge can grant relief in your case. It then says the application has been...
  6. B

    Derivative Asylee i485 nunc pro tunc

    I am waiting for a nunc pro tunc interview and I’m a bit worried. I got my asylum through my dad who seeked asylum from a country different than the one I was born in/came from. He became a citizen in 2009 and didn’t submit for my i485 until 2014. I was still under 18 at the time but due to him...
  7. K

    Daca to Green Card adjustment of status

    I am a Daca recipient who recently got married and am beginning the application status for green card adjustment. I have seen many suggestions that I should use my new marriage name on the forms. My concern is that besides my marriage certificate I have no other documents with my new name. Would...
  8. S

    Pending B2 extension(got RFE) and I-130

    Hi, Please help! Don't know what is the best option for me. Last May came on B2 visa to visit my boyfriend(he is a US citizen), stayed for 6 month and at the end of my authorized stay applied for extension for another 6 months. In March I got RFE and had a deadline to respond today. New rules...
  9. S

    Immigration help for spouse who is a Canadian Citizen

    A little background: I currently reside in Michigan. I acquired my US Green Card in 2010 and was consequently naturalized and became an US citizen in 2016. My wife is a naturalized Canadian citizen. We had been in a long distance relationship for 6 years and in July 2019, she visited me over a...
  10. K

    I-130 Outside normal processing time

    Hi all, My husband(US citizen) and I filed form I-130 April 16, 2018 priority date (Texas Service Center). We did not file I-485 because I am in removal proceedings(asylum application). Has anyone been in the same situation, how long is the processing time for standalone I-130? it's been 1.5...
  11. R

    Was given Section 216 Notice at immigration interview, then I got RFE with deadline on the 2yrs mark. Will I get conditional GC?

    Wife (UScitizen) and I entered lovely marriage, however, we've grown apart to the point that she wants to walk away and not work on it anymore, she's acting highly emotionally, not rationally, she's no longer reliable, it's a painful, frustrating situation. AOS-interview took place almost 23...
  12. H

    should we adjust the status?

    Hello everyone, I am a US Green card holder since 2016, I myself came under F4 Visa. I got married to my husband who was in Student Visa then, on March 2017 and filed I-130 in April, 2017. We got the receipt for our documents but haven't heard anything else. My friend's spouse, for whom she...
  13. D

    Please for the love of sweet Jesus, can you help me out? PLEASE!

    Hello, so we filed the adjustment of status with i130. The i130 is listed as processing. The i485 came back as rejected as they couldnt find a correct priority date. Now thats listed there on one of the documents as 28th Feb. They said to resubmit it with the correct date. My mother is a USA...
  14. D

    AOS for f-4 category india

    Hey guys my priority date is sept 2004, suddenly india retrogressed to 2001 bt dates for filling is still may 2004 ! Right now m on valid visa in usa ,should i able to do AOS? And any idea when will india see progress in f4 category?
  15. O

    F1 TO I-485

    Hi, I'm on F1 visa right now , with my 1-130 approved. However, I haven't been able to file my I-485 since my priority date is not current yet, which is 09/2015. Is there a chance that I'm eligible to pay in-state tuition fees in community college based on my I-130 being approved? I'm in US...
  16. H

    A.O.S for F4 category

    Hello, my question is regarding adjustment lf status for F4 category (family based) . I am on student visa and i was included in approved i-130 as a deriavative beneficiary ! As my u.s.a citizen aunt filled i-130 for my mom !our PD is sept 2004! Moreover my mom has b-2 visa too! As per new...