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    Need Assistance with I-864

    My dad is sponsoring 2 of my brothers. He retired a few years ago. He submitted I-864W (request for exemption), but the embassy requested he submits I-864. I am submitting one for him as joint sponsor. However I need assistance completing part 2 (information about the principal immigrant) and...
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    Need Assistance Completing Affidavit of Support

    Hello All, I have a cousin who is a US Citizen living in the US with her 2 children. She is only sponsoring her husband to come to the US. When filing the Affidavit of Support(I-864), are considering her two children when referring to the sponsor’s household from the Poverty Guidelines(I-864P)...
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    Sponsoring a Son Born Out of Marriage and Who is Over 21

    My dad would like to sponsor my half brother born out of marriage who is now over 21 years old. My dad's full name and his mother appear on his birth certificate. What will be the process? Does he qualify to be sponsored? Please help with any guidance. Thanks,
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    Reversing First Name and Middle Name

    Hello, I am a US Citizen and sponsored my wife and my kids to come to the US. When I was filling out immigration forms, I interchanged my wife's first name and middle name. My wife first name should be as follow As***** and middle name: Ma****. However on the forms, it was the opposite...
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    Do kids need to pay the $165.00 Immigration Fee

    My wife is coming to US in the next days along with our kids (2years and 5years). Do kids need to pay the $165.oo immigration fee? Thanks for your answers.
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    Sponsoring Wife and Son I-130

    Hello, I submitted a single I-130 application for my wife and son back in March 2011. Application was approved and now being proccessed by National Visa Center. A few months ago, I was contacted by NVC to pay the Affidavit Support fee. I already made the payment; now I believe I have to...
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    Confused About DV Cuttoff number for June "Need Clarification"

    I am confused about the cuttoff number for June which says "CURRENT". My brother won the DV and his Number is 2012AF000507** and last month the cuttoff for Africa was 50000. So I was expecting his number to be current this month. But for the month of June it says "CURRENT". What does...
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    Question about Form DS-0230 (DV Lottery Form)

    Question 43a. Have you ever applied for a Social Security Number (SSN)? My answer is NO, I have never been in the US before. So I will have to skip the question below to answer YES the next question? Need your feedback, please Would you like to receive a replacement card? (You...
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    Selected for DV-2012 Need Advise Plz

    hello, I am one of the selectees for the DV. My case # is 2012AF00050***. I would like to complete the Form DSP-122, But on the form it's says to enter the "Rank Order Number(Case Number on Envelope)". But i still have not received the notification mail. Is the case number above the...