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    OCI Re-Issue for Minor - Parents' Passports needed?

    When applying for Re-Issue of OCI due to new passport for minor - do we need to re-send the copies of current passports, and also former Indian passports to prove Indian origin? Thanks.
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    Any delay due to traffic citation?

    Does a traffic citation delay the N-400? Since the violation was not alcohol related and fine was less than $100, I did not submit any court disposition.
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    Questions 23 to 25 on N-400

    If we have a couple of traffic violations that are more than 10 years old, do we say Yes for Question 23 on the N-400 form? If we paid a fine for these violations, what do we answer in Questions 24 and 25 of N-400? Thanks a lot for your help. 23. Have you EVER been arrested, cited, or...
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    I-751 rfe

    We are responding to a RFE for I-751. We will be sending marriage documents such as marriage certificate, son's birth certificate, photographs, invitation card, etc. Since we initially came to know of each other through a personal web-site, should we also give the name of the website?