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    Unlock DS 260 after submission

    I made a mistake in my ds 260 form and it is submitted. Can I request it to be unlocked? My interview is not yet scheduled.
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    Mother sponsoring her son

    My mother is a Green Card holder, and she is sponsoring my unmarried brother who is 23 years old. She is not working currently, and will that be an issue. Do we need to take care of I-864 at the time of filing I-130 or only at the time when his Green Card comes? thanks Manny
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    sponsor brother

    I am in the process of sponsoring my brother. My brother was on a H1b visa. He lost his job and visa. He overstayed for a few months and then went back. He had a Green Card petition, and the petition also got cancelled after he lost his job. Do we need to answer Yes or No to the...