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    Can I travel & re-enter the US with H-1B approval notice but L-1B visa expired in passport

    I came to the US in 2008 on an L-1B stamp in my passport. That visa has expired and in the meantime I have an H-1B approval notice (same employer), but don't have any new visa in my passport because I haven't left the US. I plan to travel to Mexico. How can I be sure that I am allowed...
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    What caused the massive decline in H1-B demand?

    I was looking at how quickly the H1-B cap of 65,000 first-time visas has been filled during the past 5 years. USCIS accepts applications starting on the first working day after April 1st. Here's the data: FY 2008 - April 2nd (same day) FY 2009 - April 8 FY 2010 - December 22 FY 2011 -...
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    Best Ports Of Entry (with nice officers)

    I've heard stories about Advance Parole holders being harassed at Newark Airport, and I was harassed myself at SFO in Jan 2010. On the other hand, someone without a job re-entered just fine at the Seattle International Airport POE. What are people's experiences with Ports Of Entry? Which have...
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    Changing I-485 AOS category from EB3 to EB2

    I'm in REW, have a baccalaureate degree, and filed the AOS in 2007-Sep under the EB3 category. My PD is 2007-Jun. Also have Labor Certification, I-140 and EAD. In the meantime, I have accumulated 5 years of progressive work experience, and I would like to upgrade/change/switch to the EB2...
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    How can I get one year off while waiting for GC?

    I'm Romanian, EB-3, PD 2007-Jun, I-485 sponsored by my employer and received by USCIS 2007-Sep. Also have Labor Certification and I-140 approved, and valid EAD expiring 2010-Jul. I would like to take one year off work, while residing in the US (without employment, or self-employed as a...
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    H1B contracting agencies

    Hello everyone, I've been working as an H1-B for a small company in San Jose, CA for 1 year. I have a very stable position there, but not much room for professional growth, and my employer makes me wait 2 more years before they start the Green Card application process. Now I have an...