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    Monica, need your attention!

    Monica, this needs your attention, this guy (and his IP) needs to be banned. I'm deleting this post, and pasting here for your reference. Memeber: VerySilly IP: host name:
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    Rajiv/Monica need your attention

    It's been a while, I've posted here :) See the following link, number of posts have been reported for abuse by senior members like 'Joef' and 'Pralay' (I have those Emails) and I've deleted/edited those posts. Now they are posting again and again, some members, (particularly Njacob and ya...
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    Rajiv, need your opinion

    INA: ACT 204 - PROCEDURE FOR GRANTING IMMIGRANT VISAS says this, (j) 3/ JOB FLEXIBILITY FOR LONG DELAYED APPLICANTS FOR ADJUSTMENT OF STATUS TO PERMANENT RESIDENCE- A petition under subsection (a)(1)(D)for an individual whose application for adjustment of status pursuant to section 245 has...
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    PM from a member

    Monica, I got a PM from a member 'JoeF'. Just curious, why did we lift the ban on him? ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 13th January 2005, 11:41 PM JoeF Registered User Join Date: May 2002 Location: Southern California Posts: 6,712...
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    Interesting request from a member ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Owner/Moderator, I hightly appreciate the service you are offering for all of us. It is very extremely informative and gives up a lot of hope in this...
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    PM from a Member about hacking

    Just got a PM from a member.... (Not sure, if our software has this kind of notification system) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20th December 2004, 05:16 PM JoeF Registered User Join Date: May 2002 Location: Southern California Posts...
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    Rajiv's opinion on 'changing job' after GC

    Please see Rajiv's opinion about 'changing job' after GC. This is also part of FAQ. Let us not discuss on this anymore. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Q. How soon can I leave my petitioning employer once I get my green card...
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    Rajiv, need your opinion

    There are lots of heated discussions going on in 'Life After GC' forum over the 'Intent' of staying with the sponsoring employer after getting the GC. Some times these discussions turn in to name calling and posting vulgar stuff against the other members. I've seen one of your FAQs, it says...
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    Threads not related to immigration will be moved

    Admin has created 'Unrelated Threads' subforum. Threads not related to immigration will be moved to this subforum.
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    Please use 'TRACKER' subforum for case tracking.

    Please use 'TRACKER' subforum for case tracking.
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    Need to cleanup these forums.

    Rajiv/Monica, The forums 'US Citizenship', 'Life after The GC' and 'The physical GC' forums became political and a place for personal attacks. Check the following threads (there are lot more). Need active moderation for these forums.
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    How to switch between forums in this upgrade?

    There used to be a dropdown box, to easily switch between forums. Now, I don't see one. How do I do that or am I missing some thing here?
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    Members need input from Rajiv

    Rajiv, Please check the following thread, members need your input, if you have some time.
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    Creating a Subforum

    Rajiv/Monica, I would appreciate, if you can create 'Unrelated Threads SubForum' under '485-Nebraska forum', (same as you did under '485-VSC forum'). This facilitates us to move the non-immigration threads to the subforum.
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    Member can not post.

    I got a PM. See this... ----------------------------------------------------------- lucky65 Junior Member Registered: Feb 2003 Posts: 1 I cannot seem to post messages Please set me up so I can post messages. Appreciate it! Thanks lucky65...
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    A member's concern.

    Please see this. --------------------------------------- Can immigrationportal to make sign petition page secure I am grateful for immigration portal to do this. I am not afraid to expose my information...
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    Member needs help.

    Please check this... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- bhartiy ( ) has reported this post: This is part of this thread: * * * Sign the...
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    Link not working

    Rajiv, Link in 'Harassment By Homeland Security' thread is not working and needs to be modified.
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    Suggestions from Members

    Some suggestions from the members in 485-VSC forum.
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    Warn the member

    This member is posting irrelevant threads/posts and creating multiple member IDs. It's becoming an inconveneince to the others. I'm tired of deleting his posts, every day. Can the admin warn this member thorough an email...