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    F4 category, children aged out but eligible by CSPA - no option to pay fees on CEAC

    I need expert advise. I have files immigrant visa petition for my brother in F4 category with priority date of Dec 2003. My brother recently got notification and now chose "choice of agent" online. My brother's son was about 12 years and now is aged out as he is about 24 years. As per CSPA age...
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    Transferring file to USA from India - Need advise

    One of my friend applied for Canadian PR (Skilled worker category) in November 2001 from India. He immigrated to US recently (and got greencard)and after immigrating to US, his letter from Canada came - stating he has to go for Medical and submit the police clearance - his interview has been...
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    Called for English Writing Test (after clearing English and US History Test)

    I know someone who has been asked to appear for "English Writing Test" after clearing "English and US History Test". Has anybody heard of such case ? We have to go and see same Immigration Officer, in the coming week, who gave the letter stating "English and US History, Government" test has...
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    I-485 approved for one more passive surfer..

    I have been a passive surfer of this wonderful site.. Everytime I logged into this site, I got amazed with knowledge and information spread by this site.. So popular site among immigrants.. At the same time wondered, why Rajive Khanna is not making extra money by advertising on this site...
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    485-Pending, gurus - URGENT !! Please reply.

    My friend is in similar situation and his A# is printed on his wife\'s EAD card. (i.e wrong A# no. on the EAD ) How to correct that (1) Does he have to mail them back ? (2) Does he have to go to local INS office? (3) Does he have to repay the fee for processing ? (4) Does INS process this...
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    New LAW - passed late this week..

    Hai Guys and Gals, Does anybody have any idea about this bill (now would-be-law) I heard...
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    All, There will be lots of applications (about 75000 applications compare to average of 35000 - 40000 applications per month) with ND/RD in August. VSC may take October + November 2000 months to prcess 08/99 I-485 cases. I am also expecting them to process about 40000 cases each month...
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    W-2 Form

    What happens if the Employer denies to give W-2 form ? Can we report the earnings without getting W-2 form from previous employer ? Sorry for such question in this 485 forum but I have very high hopes from all of you.. (I am also waiting for my day EB2, VSC, ND-03/00) Experts please...
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    FAX Back Service at VSC to check the status of an Application ?

    Does anybody know whether VSC has faxback service to check the statuses of EAD / I-485 applications or not ? If yse, what is the number ? Any help will be appreciated. Shaken
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    Confusion - Need Clarification

    My brother holding an Indian Passport, is a dentist. He would like to come to Canada. I have couple of questions : (1) Should he apply to Canadian Student Visa or Canadian PR ? (2) Can one year internship (full-time) be considered towards experience ? (3) What happens if he starts...