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    Referral to Judge

    Hello, When an asylum office refers you to an Immigration Judge, does the "referral notice" come from the Asylum Office or from the general USCIS branch? Thank you.
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    Immigration Court Procedures

    Hello, my case have been pending with the Asylum Office, already had my interview, and they told me to wait for a decision in mail last year. This year I have applied to renew my EAD and the RFE says that the Immigration Judge has made a decision on my case last year!! I inquire from the...
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    Driver's License without EAD approved?

    Hi folks, I am still waiting for an asylum decision to come in the mail after the interview. My 2nd EAD is pending, I just applied. However, my husband assured me that I can get a driver's license without having an EAD and they approved it after verifying that my case is pending with USCIS...
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    Asylum Vs Waiver

    Hello, Anybody who applied for asylum has a two year home residency requirement unfulfilled from an exchange program? Should I still get a home residency waiver although I already have an asylee status and would like to adjust to a green card? Thanks in advance. I am worried a lot!
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    Should I transfer to a different college while asylum pending?

    Hello guys, I have a question. Will it affect my asylum application if I apply for an F1 status in a different school? Doesn't a new I -20 automatically annul my asylum petition because when I sign the new I 20, I would be agreeing to leave the country because it is the first requirement of F1...
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    Interview Notice Timeline

    Hi guys, It's getting frustrating with the interview notice wait times for most of us. Would be great if you could share your change of address issues and cases of interview notices not being received at the correct address and how have you solved it. This is my situation every day, I...
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    Chicago Asylum Office

    Hello, I was wondering how busy/slow is the Chicago asylum office this summer. Does anybody know what is the Chicago interview wait times in these days? Thank you.