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    Leave US 1.5 hrs after the expiration of I-94

    Hi All: My parent's I-94 will expire on Sept 21st, and they are planning to leave US at the night of Sept 21st. Actually, the flight won't take off until 1:30 am on Sept 22nd, but my parents would have gone through all check-in/immigration/security check processes before the end of Sept...
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    Passport stamp day in NYC

    Dear All: I just got my GC approved and I am planning to go to NYC immigration office tomorrow to get my passport stamped. I've heard that NYC office only stamp passport on Friday. Is it true? Is there any one who got their passport stamped on any other weekday? thanks,
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    Approved, but notice not received.

    Dear All: According to USCIS case status online, my I-485 application was approved on June 4, 2004 and an approval notice was mailed on that day. But I have not recieved the notice yet. I think the notice probably got lost during transportation. So I called National Service Center and they...
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    derivative asylum

    Hi, I am new to this site. Hope some of you can answer my questions below. I was granted derivative asylum status as a child of asylum. I came to US in 1996 and filed i-485 in 1997 and am still waiting for it. I\'ve had finger print and an interview(didn\'t get stamp on passport) in 1998 and...