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    Permanent Resident Card

    Can a person check the status of his permanent resident card online after his landing?
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    The Official Driver's Handbook

    Does anybody knows from where I can buy The Official Driver's Handbook Other than from DriveTest Driver Examination Centre
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    Proof of Funds

    Proof of Funds Can a person shows proof of fund to the Canadian immigration officer in form of monthly bank statement from American back, do they except it or not, they only except in form of cash, money order or travel checks?
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    Bank in Canada

    Does anybody know if I can open back account (checking or saving) in Canada through the internet, and if I can which bank. Thanks to all.
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    Goods to Follow List

    Goods to Follow List Does anybody knows were I can find Good to Follow List document or application.Thanks
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    Oppose the House REAL ID Act Take Action

    Send a letter to your Representative and Senators urging them to oppose the anti-immigrant provisions of the House REAL ID Act. I urge you to oppose Representative Sensenbrenner's REAL ID Act (H.R. 418). The House passed this measure on February 10 without any hearings or debate and now...
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    I-687 CSS/LULAC Question

    I have few question concerning filling form I-687 Application for Status as a Temporary Resident. I entered without inspection in 1981 then I left the U.S in 1984 and came back with student visa. Does CSS/LULAC applicant know or have an idea what the answer is to? Question # 26. Authorized...
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    Advance Parole Documents

    Does anybody know how Advance Parole Document I-131 looks like? Is there a link for a picture of Advance Parole Document? Thanks
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    Passport Request Delay

    Passport Request Delay I received letter from Buffalo Consulate requesting me to send them my passport for visa stamping. I want to delay the process, if I send them the passport after two months is it ok or I might face problem?
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    Advance Parole Question

    Advance Parole Question If a person had two adjustment of status case pending with CIS, can he apply for Advance Parole I-131 through each case or not, only one advance parole through one case.!! I know he can apply for EAD through each case, is it different with AP or not? Thanks to All.
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    Request for passport for visa stamp

    I did my medical test on December 24 2004, yesterday I received a request from Canadian consulate in buffalo asking me to send them my passport and three pictures. My question is if I send them my passport now they will issue me a visa and I think I should enter Canada within six month or do...
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    Toronto Pearson Int´l Airport

    Does anybody know what the busiest two days is at Toronto Pearson Int´l Airport? Please post your experience. Thanks
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    I’m trying to check my case status through e-client in the past two day but no success, I was able to check it last mouth. I’m wondering if other has the same problem?
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    Visiting Canada & US stay

    My uncle is in the US on B1/B2 Multiple VISA and was granted 6 months stay at the port of entry. He also holds a multiple entry visa to Canada obtained from overseas. My uncle wishes to visit Canada briefly but he fears that upon returning to the US, his 6 months of stay in the US will be...
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    OHIP Renewal - Urgent

    I am leaving for Canada today to renew my expired OHIP card. Does any one know if the new health card will be issed to me immediately in the same day or if it has to be mailed to a Canadian address? Please respond if you know as soon as possible. I apprecite your feedback.
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    I-130 Thru GC mom or Thru US Brother?

    Which is the best way to petition for my overseas brother: A) Through me as a US citizen, or B) Through my mom whom she's a GC holder? Can both of us petition for my brother separetely ( submitting two 1-130 for the same person at the same time) ? The other question I have: The...
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    Form IMM5401 and POST CANADA

    Hi All, This site is so awesome. Keep contributing and keep the good work. I have 2 questions: 1- The Receipt of Payment ( Form IMM 5401) is unavialable for download from CIC web site. Is there any way to get this form while you're in the U.S.? For those who saw or used the form...
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    #1 Q: Is applying for the new PR card mandatory??

    I landed in Canada in 2000. I understand that the old IMM 1000 will not be good to enter Canada after Dec 31, 2003. Is getting the new PR card mandatory? Will the old IMM 1000 be not valid to show your legal status in Canada? other than entering Canada, after Dec 31, 2003? My...
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    CHICAGO N-400 Tracker

    Hello All, I have had my citizenship interview yesterday Nov 25, 2002. Lasted about 35 minutes. I am trying to find out how long it will be till Oath ceremony. Please update this thread only if you are from Illinois. Your feedback is appreciated. Proiority Date: April 26, 2002...