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    May 2009 Bull.... EB3 Unavailable...
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    April 2009 Visa Bull...

    at this point... ... I would rather they move slowly and steadily instead of becoming "current", old timers like myself being forgotten, and then retrogressed even more...
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    April 2009 Visa Bull...

    EB3 India moved all of two weeks! </sarcasm> Back to the same date it was in May and June 2008 before it went unavailable last visa year...
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    March 2009 Visa Bull...

    responses personally, I was very active when our dates were current - otherwise it is plain depressing, so I drop in around visa dates release...
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    March 2009 Visa Bull...

    EB3 India stagnant
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    Jan Visa Bulletin - No Good News

    Don't say that... EB3 IN moved 2 weeks </end sarcasm>
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    Surprisingly fast EAD!

    Filed paper based EAD and AP renewals (delivered Sep 10) - to our surprise, the EAD was approved on Sep 17 and got the card a week later (2 year since we are retrogressed)! The AP app has not been touched (no LUD)
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    EB3 Retrogression in Oct 2008

    ditto I visit just around the time VB is to be released or shortly thereafter...
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    EB3 India Visa Bulletin Date List From Jan 2004 - July 2008

    Created this for myself (since my 485 RD was Jan 2004 - that's when the tracking starts) - but wanted to share it here in case anyone else was interested...
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    JUNE Bulletin is out.

    Agree... ... but better slow and steady (as long as they do process old pending cases), than to jump forward, ignore us old timers, give the newbies approvals, and then move the dates back. Anyway, this is all hoping that they don't skip older pending cases when the PD moves... Will check...
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    July 2008 Visa Bulletin

    I'm going with Openarms on this one... since my PD is Nov 02 :-) Openarms, gb04, long time no see (I gave up a while ago and now getting hopes up again :-)
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    any EB3 old timer.. report here

    there was one floating around from last July - Oct when we were all hopeful. I can't search right now, but you may find one in these threads as a good starting point
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    any EB3 old timer.. report here

    me too PD Nov 2002; EB-3 IN
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    Attempted early FP at Newark and Hackensack

    no not at newark (back in July, not sure how things are now)
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    How long to receive RECEIPT notice EAD?

    Tsc Yes, I sent the apps to Texas Service Center (personal check, Fedex overnight)
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    How long to receive RECEIPT notice EAD?

    ead ead and ap applied (paper based, not online) for dependent last week of Sep, receipt received first week of Oct. Just found out that EAD was approved yesterday, AP still pending
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    GC 5th year waiting Anniversary

    hear ya... hang in there!
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    LUD on I-485, EB3

    approval saw one TSC approval posted in the retrogression forum on this board yesterday (Sep 25)... so though not a flood, there is a trickle
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    Please help. Urgent question on H1

    last page the page they are looking for is the inside of the back cover of your passport. (for reference, the inside of the front cover has your picture and name)