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    I-485 denied, how long can I stay in the US?

    Your status is illegal immigrant once your I-485 is denied if you don't have alternative status such as H1 or F1. But good thing is, if you can past the test within 180 days of denial date, you still can file another I-485 application under 245k.
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    GC denied- help

    Try IELTS, I know a bunch of people pass it after failing TSE.
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    Green card application for nurse in the U.S.

    Don't waste time on TSE, they will give you straight 45s if you don't speak perfect English. Forget about passed TOEFL, you can pass IELTS in one shot! It happened to me! God bless you.
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    On OPT can you apply GC directly?? HELP

    So far as I've know of, PT is not included in Schedule A category, therefore he/she has to go through LC.
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    Green card application for nurse in the U.S.

    Just want to get it straight. USCIS will issue a Request For Evidence anywhere from 3 months to year and half after I-140 gets approved. So don't chances, have everything ready before you file 485, at least submit all the paperworks to VS if she could not pass the test.
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    Advice needed...pls help

    All I know about PT is that they need to go thru normal procedure as others to get GC. But PERM can do a great deal to you. When you can GC,why H1? Remember, student can apply for GC for sure.
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    Anyone from F1 to GC??

    I have. I finally receive my GC today!
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    Not sure what is happening to my case

    Thank you enajj, no wonder I could not find it. May God Bless You!
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    Not sure what is happening to my case

    Hi,guys,where can you find LUD from ? I have been always wondering this since I don't find any last undate date in my case status message.
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    485 RFE for Visa Screening

    1.No. 2.File another I-485 and pass TSE.
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    Pending I-485 since Dec-2004

    From what I have heard, individual experience varies greatly. So don't count on prediction from someone else's situation.
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    Re-file 485 due to RFE not met.

    Exactly right!!!! LET TSE BURN IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I-140 processing, wife pragnant

    Oh, I thought you were in US. You can include your baby in 824 in future when you file it,right? I-140 does not involve family members. Correct me if I'm wrong. :)
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    I-140 processing, wife pragnant

    What do you have to worry about? Your baby is gonna be an U.S citizen if you are aware of.
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    After FP what happens next?

    Congrat, but why does it depend on where you are from?
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    How long to go through Visa Screen?

    Right, take spoken english test seriously. VS is nothing if without english tests. My suggestion is "keep trying,never give up", I heard one of my coworkers even took 20 times of TSE and IELTS in 2 years and eventually passed for no reason, so if your wife fails few times of tests, she is not...
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    How long to go through Visa Screen?

    Yes, for most foreign nurses, TSE is the biggest problem: we can take care of everyday work issues easily, but no, not TSE. And, don't let score of 45 pts fool you, sometimes it takes a lifetime to fill the gap between 45 and 50 (most of my co-workers stuck on 45 and never got...). I think the...
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    How long to go through Visa Screen?

    As I have already said, always prepare TSE as soon as possible to avoid denial.
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    June Visa Bulletin And Schedule A ( Current)

    That's the greatest news in the year! Wish every1 on this forum luck!
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    Happy News To Physical Therapists And Nurses From India, Philipines And China

    You meant that your attorney confirmed USCIS would take in 485 application from June 1?