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    US citizen parent got denied TWICE for a tourist visa

    Everyone should write a letter or two to their respective senators and congressmen, explaining this predicament and maybe someone will take notice and actually do something about this. I definitely plan to write some letters. My mom had applied twice for a visitors visa, one year apart, and...
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    It is currently taking approximately 45 to 60 days after receipt(at the consulate) of your application for you to get the OCI sticker finally in hand. If you get a good deal by booking in advance then you should go ahead and do that. If your OCI card/sticker doesn't arrive by then, you can...
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    You will have to check it online. After they receive your application, it normally takes at least 4 weeks, if not more.
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    Health insurance for Parents with Green Card and beyond

    As I mentioned earlier, you will have to check with your insurance plan to see if dependent parents can be added. I know that my employer/insurance provider does allow this with my current plan. Having said that, let me reiterate that MOST employers/insurance providers don't include "parents" in...
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    Health insurance for Parents with Green Card and beyond

    There are a few spammers on this board, who check for posts like yours on a weekly basis and peddle their business. Please educate yourself well in these "health insurance" matters. There are a lot of these people out there to get your money. Check with your own insurance provider first on...
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    OCI Application pics

    The normal photo studio pictures(without any colored background) will work just fine. If you have followed the instructions/guidelines posted on the consulate website, then you will be okay. Also, to reiterate, TOTAL of 3 photographs is what is required(not 6).
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    OCI Application pics

    Always follow the instructions posted on the website of your local consulate. I am assuming you come under the San Francisco consulate. All documents should be submitted in duplicate. The instructions on their website state that you are supposed to submit a TOTAL of 3 passport size photographs...
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    Emergency Help

    Your local Indian consulate/embassy will be able to help you with this. If you explain the emergency by visiting them personally, your tourist visa can be issued the same day, in most cases. Also, it appears from your original post, that you have not yet filed for your OCI visa. The OCI is a...
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    need to apply OCI for me

    The instructions on the online registration form CLEARLY indicate that it needs to submitted in duplicate. Part A of this form is the only place you are supposed to affix a photograph. To simplify this further: Part A of the form has a place which says "Affix your photo...". Please affix one...
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    need to apply OCI for me
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    First time travel after receiving GC?

    You are not required to surrender your I-94. You are a permanent resident now and the I-94 does not apply to you anymore. The I-94, H1B renewal notice, 485 paperwork are all souvenirs now. Your passport and the Permanent Resident card are the only things that are required. On return, most...
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    OCI Timeline Mailed 8/22/2007 Received by San Francisco Consulate 8/23/2007 Date of Acknowledgement 10/8/2007 Registration Status Granted 10/9/2007 Photo/Signature Scanned 10/9/2007 Documents Printed 10/9/2007 Documents dispatched 10/12/2007 Received email from San Francisco...
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    How do I sign my Certificate of Naturalization

    The signature on the Naturalization certificate should match the signature on the photograph.
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    OCI Application

    You have to use Internet Explorer(not Firefox) to fill out the online OCI Registration form.
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    How to Surrender or cancel Indian Passport

    You should enclose your Indian passport with a cover letter addressed to the Indian consulate along with a self addressed stamped USPS express/priority mail envelope. The cover letter can include this statement: "In accordance with Indian Citizenship Law, I wish to have my Indian passport...
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    application fees

    You can choose to send the return postage fee of $16.25 either a) now, when applying for OCI, in which case it will be kept with your file OR b) at the time you send in your US passport for OCI visa stamping.
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    Documents to attach in Part B

    You will have to attach self attested copy of your naturalization certificate along with self attested copies of passport pages.
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    Part B

    You can reprint your entire application anytime -
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    Child of naturalized parents

    A "certified copy" is either a) a replacement of a lost certificate issued by the officer/clerk responsible for issuing or keeping the original OR b) A photocopy that has been signed and witnessed as a true copy of the original document by a Notary Public, etc You can disregard the...
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    Child of naturalized parents

    Your daughter automatically became a US citizen when you became naturalized US citizens. This fact invalidates her Indian passport and US permanent resident card. To apply for a US passport, you are required to produce the original birth certificate or a certified copy of the birth...