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    2005 Consolidated Tracker (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    Thank you so much... today i received my Card... Wish you Good Luck.....
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    2005 Consolidated Tracker (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    I-485 is approved Hi All, Finally....I got E-mails about my I485. My 485 is approved and card production ordered. & Card Mailed.....Thanks everyone for all your help and support. Since my I-140 stuck for no reason for past 2 and half years , I field another Labor and I-140 also, but with...
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    I-485 is Approved

    Hi All, Finally, I Got the card production ordered email on 12th. “On October 11, 2007, we ordered production of your new card. Please allow 30 days for your card to be mailed to you. If we need something from you we will contact you. If you move before you receive the card, call customer...
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    2005 Consolidated Tracker (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    Thank you GCScare Can you please suggest me the process. if you have any letter format could you please let me know ...
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    2005 Consolidated Tracker (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    I-140 Pending Hi slkrk, I am also in same page, i really don't what is happening??? my I-140 filed in Sept'2005 and not LUD from That Date.... Even USCIS is not giving any ans Also... Can u send me u r E-Mail ID?? i will send a personal mail... with my information... i Found...
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    I140 file with a copy of Labor

    I-140 Pending from Aug'05 Hi, I am also in the same boat, my I-140,485(Through Sub-Labor) was filed in Sept'05, from that time i don't find any LUD on my 140, but there was one LUD on my I-484 once after my finger print, i checked with local INS, they didn't tell any about I-140 , but they...
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    I140 Issues - Being stuck for long time

    My Attorney is telling that VSC might request Labor proof from DOL, that might be causing delay…
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    I140 Issues - Being stuck for long time

    No Status on I-140 We filed I-140 (With Substitute Labor) in Aug'2005, and there is an LUD in Aug’2005, from that time (almost 16months) there is no LUD or No RFE else, it is really frustrating me..
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    Any cases where I-140 not approved for 10 months...

    Hi, My I-140 is pending from 08/26/2005, no single LUD after 08/31/2005 mine is Labor Sub (EB2)...
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    2005 Consolidated Tracker (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    No LUD on I-140 Hi MainGC , Fulcrum.. I am also on the same boat… my I-140 received date is 26thof August ’2005, and there is no single LUD on my I-140 after 31st of August. I got my EAD & AP approved... Mine is a substitute EB2 Labor.
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    JULY 2005 Filers

    I-140 Nd:08/31/2005 I am waiting from 08/31/05.. don't have a single LUD...!
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    H1 6th year, transfer to new company

    Hi Ding.. Mine is like this.. I have a pending Labor (May’2004) with Company “A” and I have a valid H1 with Company “B” until my 6th year end date (Nov'05). We applied (in Sept’05) H1 transfer & 7th year extension from Company “C” based on my pending labor with Company “A”. I got my...
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    Reg H1 B Approval At Vermount

    H1 Approval My H1 (7th Year Extension & Transfer to other company) filed on Sept 9th and got Approval E-Mail on Jan 24th ..mine is a regular processing..
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    2005 Filed Cases General Discussions Thread

    Please Advise Me.... Hi Friends, My I-140/485/EAD/AP filed on Feb 23rd, 2005 in EB2 (Substitute) category. I went to local office two weeks ago for interim EAD and Local INS People told that all My applications are on ‘Process HOLD’. Then I called VSC as it has been 90 days after I filed EAD...
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    I-140 applied on Dec 29, 2004 waiting for Receipt

    Hi Mr.Raja, Could you please look into your Private Message.. i sent a message...I don't know what is happening about my case....
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    FP Done BUT no LUD, Any thoughts

    I think it is taking around 10 to 15 Working Days.... for Me it took around 12 days to Message Change, after My FP (Code 3) ....
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    2005 Consolidated Tracker (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    Hi All, Here are my Details: FP Given on 6th April, Message I-485: FP Received on 16th of April’2005……. But No news on My 140 or AP or EAD…..
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    Anyone else in same boat?

    Here are my Details:
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    2005 Consolidated Tracker (140/EAD/AP/FP/485)

    Hi All & SR GC Here are my File Details....
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    FP Done BUT no LUD, Any thoughts

    Hi Stuck 2002, Mine is (FP) given on 6th of April and Update in 16th.. i think u will get message by next week...