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    Retiring to the Philippines

    The OP is not asking for the SS in the Philippines, but in the USA. The OP should ask this question with the SS in the USA.
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    applying for dual citiznship,, how to for dual us and philippines

    Do you have Filipino parents or all-american. If you have Filipino parents, you can be a Filipino citizen by birth. The problem with applying for another citizenship when you are a citizen of the USA, is you pledge to renounce your citizenship with other countries. You may have to apply for...
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    Filipino citizenship by birth

    you may show some documents of their naturalization, and compare that date to the date on your birth certificate.
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    Moving from Philippines to USA

    This plan is tough, and will only get rejected. It is difficult to get a tourist visa from the Philippines to the US, especially because there are a lot of tourists who overstays and just stays hidden. Even if that person is rich or has a successful career, it is still not easy. Even people...