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    PIO vs. 5 year visa vs OCI

    I agree with nkm-oct23. OCI wins, hands down !!
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    DUI/DWI and Citizenship

    Sorry to hear about that. Usually it is 5 years from the date you have served out the term of probation (not from the date of the ticket or conviction). I am surprised that the officer mentioned 10 years - that seems a bit too much considering you do not have a criminal record...
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    DUI/DWI and Citizenship

    It is better for you to wait until Sept 2013 and then apply for citizenship. That would give you a clear 5-year period of 'good behavior', and enhance the case for granting citizenship.
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    Please check out for a detailed checklist.
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    Misc. OCI Application Questions

    1) Can I apply before I get my US passport (I dont think so, but just thought I would ask). - You have to get your US Passport before applying - you need the passport information and you have to enclose a copy of your passport along with the application. 2) My kids already have a PIO...
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    Checklist for OCI application - Houston

    Interesting. Include the Canadian citizenship documents/passport copies instead of the US ones. I suppose that should work.
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    Are passport photos taken at Costco valid for N-400 ??

    Costco photos are ample sufficient. Don't waste your time and money getting too finicky about this. Good luck.
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    N400 Tracker For Memphis /TSC

    Congratulations, Bobsmyth, on getting past the interview stage. Any guess on when your Oath will be? Hopefully by mid-October.
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    Traffic tickets and naturalization (threads merged)

    Pay ALL the tickets NOW. It is actually silly to entertain these infractions. You run the risk of getting arrested for these petty charges. And it WILL come up at the interview, and they will reject the application if you answer the question honestly.
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    Atlanta GA - N-400 Timeline

    It takes about 2 months for CGI/Houston to acknowledge the application, and then the process takes on some speed. I would expect your acknowledgement to show up on the CGI/Houston OCI status page on the internet in a week or so. Take this discussion to the OCI page on this forum -...
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    chunu123 ! Yes, the FedEx needed my signature. They left a door tag and I went to the FedEx location last evening and picked it up.
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    Well, God smiled on me today!! I got my US passports with the U Visa, my cancelled India passports and the new OCI books today by FedEx. Thanks to everyone who kept company throughout the process!!
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    Congratulations, s a kumar !! Long ride, but finally over for you !! Looking at your dates and others in this forum, I can expect my passport/OCI from Houston on or around 08/25.
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    Sure, chunu123. I mailed mine on 08/05 and delivered at the embassy on 08/06. Looking at the Houston timelines on this forum, it might be end of August before we receive our passports/OCI.
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    I sent mine on Tuesday, 08/05. Hoping that I get it back in a week's time.
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    Atlanta GA - N-400 Timeline

    Congratulations, kumar1980!! Houston OCI takes about 2 months to acknowledge, and about 3-4 months for the whole process. So, just sit back and relax now. I am in the last stage of the OCI process. Hopefully, I can celebrate Aug 15 with my OCI on hand!!
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    PIO card - address proof in US (SFO)

    Get a driver's license with a real address on it instead of a P.O.Box. Nowadays, even 'mailbox' places offer a real address & suite # for you to use. Or, you can sign a lease with your friend, and show that to get the PIO.
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    Moving right along!! Documents received at Houston today (barely 3 days after being dispatched from India). I am sending my US & India passports tomorrow along with a printout of the OCI status page. Hopefully, I will get back my US passport with U Visa, OCI Card and cancelled Indian passport...
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    OCI - Houston Tracker

    Dont' worry. The other dates - like 'Scanned', 'Printed' and 'Received' dates will appear magically when you move on in the process!!
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    OCI - San Francisco Tracker

    This is awesome!! Houston is taking 3-4 months for something SF is getting done in 1 month. Calling Houston!! Beam me up, Scottie!!