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    Let's track I-485 filed after June 01, 2007 We can track AD, ND, FP etc post 06/01/07

    Hope PD moves fast I have been monitoring the USCIS site for a year now , too bad they moved the PD data for EB3 to May 01 , i got my EAD and AP approved , same for my spouse i got my EAD approved within 6 weeks , but for my AP i had got additional info required , they had misplaced my...
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    Indiana SWA tracker

    got my 45 day letter i got my 45 day letter and my lawyer has already replied how much time will it take more , mine is jan-02 filing data , ETA # 05145XXXXXXXXXXX
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    Indiana SWA tracker

    Indiana Labor Cert sucks i just talked to my lawyer and this is what he said "Labor certification still plods along. IWD appears to be still stuck in April 01. It will move, we just don't know when it will move." so it appers its stuck at april 01, infact i had filed labor in RIR category...