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    EAD & AP Approval timeline in NSC

    AP approval takes about 75-90 days at NSC I applied for EAD and AP for my wife and myself (separately) and the EAD approval seems to be somewhere in the 60-70 days range while the AP approval seems to be in 80-90 days range. Check and you might be able to find more realistic dates.
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    EAD/AP tracker (filed in June-Aug 2006 timeframe)

    Class of admission I wrote "Adjustment Applicant" for the class of admission
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    EAD and AP Renewal at NSC

    I had the same dialemma Hi guys, i had the same dilemma and i was also sending my AP and EAD together. I finally used fedex ground and sent it to the following address: USCIS Nebraska Service Center 850 S. St Lincoln, NE 68508 I also put the PO Box 87765 in the address though fedex...
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    Mailing address to renew EAD and AP at NSC

    i was looking for the address when we file together hi ginnu, thanks for your reply. My question was about if we could file I-765 and I-131 together and if we could, what is the PO box i should send it to. The I-765 form talks about filing EAD, AP and I-485 together and thought i...
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    Mailing address to renew EAD and AP at NSC

    Mailing address to renew EAD and AP together at NSC Does anyone know if we could send the applications for EAD and AP renewal together? If we could, what is the address we need to send the application for Nebraska Service Center. Thanks in advance
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    EAD Renewal @NSC - efile vs paper

    NSC Paper filed - received the card My attorney paper filed my application: RD:02/03 AD:03/15 (email notification) EAD card received: 03/18 The card is valid from 03/15 and not from the end of my current EAD date (have about 3 months left on my current EAD)
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    EAD renewal date

    Paper filed on 02/03 approved on 03/15 I paper filed my EAD at NSC on 02/03 and the application was approved on 03/15. I got a receipt notice in a week when i filed my EAD and i tracked it online at the USCIS site. My EAD Card is yet to come...
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    EAD Renewal @NSC - efile vs paper

    Paper filed - approved in 40 days My attorney paper filed my EAD and AP application with NSC on 02/03/2006. Received my receipt notice in about a week's time. Tracked the status online at the USCIS site using the receipt #. Got an email stating that the EAD was approved, on 03/15/2006...
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    Does USPS -Postoffice redirect EAD card mail?

    no, it doesn't get forwarded Guys, the PO doesn't forward your EAD. Give a call to your service center and update your address. that should take care of the problem. If you moved before you received your EAD, you're in for a long delay (30-60 days).
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    Any experience on using AP in SF airport?

    No questions asked When my wife came back from india using her AP, they asked her no questions. Anyways, are you expecting any issues using the AP? I dont see a reason to sweat on this...
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    AC-21 Portability - Help needed

    Wrong forum - check the AC 21 forum
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    AC21Case approved

    Address of the different service centers Could someone please post the correct address to the different service centers. I'm planning to file my AC-21 with NSC and i dont seem to find the address anywhere.
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    Employment authorization

    EAD renewal from NBC approved EAD renewal from NBC (receipt # starts with MSC) RD: Apr 18, 2005 ND: Apr 22, 2005 Biometrics: May 03,2005 AD: June 17, 2005
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    can i file AC-21 myself or do i need an attorney?

    I'm looking to file my AC-21 and wondering if this has to be done by an attorney or could be done by myself. Also, could someone tell me how to change the attorney. My current attorney says he cannot represent me anymore (since i changed my employer and he represents my previous employer)
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    E-filed EAD and AP at NBC approved !

    Apr'22 EAD - NBC - no approval as yet My EAD expires in two weeks from now. Filed my EAD on 22nd apr at the NBC and no approval as yet :( Did my biometrics on 4th/5th may and no LUD changes online, no queries... Is there a way i could get an IEAD?
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    National Benefit Center (NBC) EAD Tracker

    NBC EAD RD: Apr'22 Biometrics: May'04 EAD AD:?? :(
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    National Benefit Center (NBC) EAD Tracker

    Thread to track the NBC EAD dates
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    No EAD yet - PLEASE HELP! Very Worried!

    you could get the interim EAD From your message, i see that 90 days has passed since your husband filed his EAD. He could take an infopass appointment and go to the local office to get his IEAD. This is the general procedure and i dont think it should be any different for you (marriage based GC)
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    I havent received EAD/AP ,more than 3 months have passed by since i filed

    waiting for EAD hello everyone, there seems to be some confusion around the fingerprint for EAD. Here is what is happening in my case: I filed my 140/485 2004 April, gave my fingerprint in may 2004 and i got my 140 approved last october. Got my first EAD in June, 2004 and i...
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    NSC: EAD & AP approved in less than 25 days !!

    My status didn't change either My status did not change after the biometrics. Hope i get it soon...