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    Naturalized citizen charged for not disclosing foreign criminal record

    Example of a naturalized citizen who has been convicted of immigration fraud for not disclosing his foreign criminal record. The fraud only surfaced after he was recently charged with being a terrorist. It will be interesting to see if they start denaturalization proceedings against him...
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    USCIS calculator to determine 90 day early filing window date
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    Example of what happens when you assume you are a USC

    Story about a 95 year old veteran who always assumed he was a USC since his parents were US born, but he had nothing on paper all these years. Moral of the story: make sure you have it on paper that you are a citizen.
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    Ex-USCIS immigration official sentenced to one year in prison for sex extortation case

    It's sad what some people will do to abuse their power:
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    Expats giving up US citizenship

    Interesting article on the growing number of US expats giving up their US citizenship due to tax laws.,8599,1983238,00.html?hpt=T2
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    Sham marriage in spotlight

    No surprise that USCIS is very strict on marriage based applications:
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    State department proposes 35% increase in new passport application fee

    Government always wanting more for less:
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    Strange question at POE

    During a return flight last week from Mexico, I presented the CBP officer my US passport and custom card. What puzzled me is that the CBP officer asked if I'm a US citizen eventhough he swiped my US passport. In the back of my head I felt like answering "no, I just carry a US passport for fun"...
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    Duplicate US passport for those who travel alot

    Good article on obtaining a duplicate US passport in instances where you have to send in your US passport to a foreign embassy while you still need to travel elsewhere:
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    Soldiers charged with immigration marriage fraud

    Another reason why USCIS comes down hard on marriage based immigration cases:
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    US citizens deported

    Here's a good story on the deportation of US citizens..scary stuff, especially if you are mentally ill.
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    King Khan is questioned at Newark airport: was he detainted?

    For those of you have been stopped for secondary inspection at POE, CBP doesn't consider it as "being detained" when you are questioned at the airport:
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    CBP does not keep exit/entry records for land crossings?

    Interestingly, CBP says it does not keep land crossing travel records..they only keep air and sea travel records:
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    IO at Raleigh DO charged for sexual blackmail

    Just read this in today's paper:
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    Out of status parents for close to 25 yrs, kid sponsors them for permanent residency

    Good story with happy ending after waiting many years...
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    US born citizen deported

    Now here's a shocking story of the power of the USCIS:
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    How to cope with lost passport during travels

    Good article about what to do if you loose passport while on travel outside US: Always a good idea to scan copies of your travel documents and upload them to your email account in a password protected file.
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    Immigrants return back to Indian, China to find prosperity

    Good article about study on how Indian and Chinese are returning home due to worsening US economy and immigration policies:
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    If Steelers win, will I be denaturalized?

    So if the Pittsburgh Steelers win the SuperBowl (or is it Superball?) will I be denaturalized for illegal gambling? :D:D:D Ok, that was a silly thing to say..for all of you waiting for you interview or oath, good luck on this Superbowl day !!
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    Ombudsman report on naturalization ceremonies

    Makes for a good read, especially the documented tension between USCIS and district courts: