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    March 2019 Visa Bulletin

    AFRICA: 18,900 Except: Egypt: 15,100 ASIA: 6,400 Except: Nepal: 4,200 EUROPE: 18,500 NORTH AMERICA (BAHAMAS): 12 OCEANIA: 725 SOUTH AMERICA, and the CARIBBEAN: 875
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    help about required document

    hi i sent the documents required for a friend that is current for January to kccdocumets on 12 novembre 2018 after few minutes I received a message from a automatic responder notified me that they receive a message the issue is that how can I know that they got the documents and its correct...
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    The required documents

    Is there any example of inquiry message to ask if the documents sent receve and they are correct?
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    Change the address in 260 form

    Hi My friend who gave me his adress to receive green card and to fill out it in my form ds 260, has changed his adress. my question is should i ask kcc to open my form or left it closed? knowing that he told me that is still the adress for his friend and i can leave it as it is. thank you for help
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    Message from kcc

    Hi everyone i have one question what does it mean if i received message from kcc to send them some document ? I will be current in december ?
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    case number for dv2019 very low

    Do you think they will be reduced the quota of 50000 for dv2019
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    about ds260

    Hi i won the lottery dv 2019 my case number is from africa 15000 and i have two questions about filling the ds260 form, I'm divorced and my daughter is living with her mother. Do I have to fill out her own form ds260 knowing that I do not want her to travel with me right now? and the second...