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    following-to-join benefit ?????

    You can sponsor him for the GC but the waiting times are quite long. How close are you to citizenship. It is much quicker that way.
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    Job Chg

    You should be OK. 7 months is a reasonable time, and your intent at the time of getting the GC was to stay, but now family circumstances have changed and so you have to move. it is the intent that counts.
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    Does anybody know of any nice forums on Texas Family Law/Divorce legalities in Texas? Appreciate your help.
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    Legal vs. Illegal Immigrants

    Unfair It took me 10 years of blood and sweat to get the GC. Legalizing the illegals is unfair to thousands like me who play by the rules. Everybody has a family to feed and everybody would like to work where the grass is greener. But that is no excuse to break the law.
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    Starting Online Business with H1 Status

    It is my understanding that you cannot be "self employed" on a H1, and so cannot start your own business.
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    What exactly is Adultery

    "Fornication" is the legal term for what A did. State laws vary, but usually this is not a legal issue. It is more of a problem for B and is a ground for divorce in most states.
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    Who Qualify As Dependents

    Only if they stayed for more than six months in a tax year and you supported them for that time.
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    Int. Family Adoption

    What is a family internation? What does it allow you to do and what are the limitations?
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    Lawyer recomendation

    Varies. My recommendation would be to hire a good lawyer to start your GC processing as soon as you get your H1. Mr. Khanna is very good. I used Roberta Freedman from Duane Morris.
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    Life after GC !

    True, but personally I think that it is just a state of mind and a matter of perception. Agreed that having a GC gives you peace of mind and the freedom to change jobs at will, but I find myself working as hard after the GC as I did before. No one wants a lazy and unproductive employee. I know...
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    Trip to Australia

    Does a GC holder need a visa to visit Australia? Any personal experiences?
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    About the case status. Need clarification please :confused:

    It means that your case is approved and your GC was mailed to you. I am assuming you are talking about a 485
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    Where can he make a report?

    Are you the "HIM"? It is obvious that the "HIM" is you. You are just scared to ask the question, thinking that USCIS will somehow tract this post back to you and deport you. It looks like that you will be all right. So now maybe you can sign in under another name and ask the question...
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    Divorce and India

    It is not us, but our wives who get "liberated" and "americanized" after being exposed to the female homo sapiens now native to North America.
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    Divorce and India

    Do you know that for a fact?
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    Divorce and India

    This question does not belong here, but I will appreciate a response anyway. When someone who originally got married in India gets divorced in the US, does he/she have to file for divorce proceedings again in India, or will the divorce proceedings in the US be acceptable? In other words...
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    Sample Letter while leaving the GC Employer

    That MAY not work !!!! Most of us would word it a bit differently.
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    Sample Letter while leaving the GC Employer

    "Personal reasons" are reasons enough. You do not have to justify everything. You have stayed for a "reasonable time".
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    changing field after employer spons GC

    Isn't the EB1 filed by yourself and not the employer? I believe that if that is the case, you can switch whenever you want.