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    Delayed OPT application

    My brother completed his MS in Electrical Engineering from a reputed California university. After his completion of degree, he had to leave USA for family emergency. He never applied for OPT. He left USA in Jan, 2018. Since he has never filed for OPT, can he apply for OPT now? He still has F1...
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    Citizenship application question after marriage status change

    I came to US as a student 8 years back. I got my US Permanent resident 2.6yrs back through my employer. I got married 2 years back. My wife became a US citizen last year through her parents'. I can wait till my natural process completes through which I will be eligible to apply for citizenship...
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    Spouse Green Card query - please help

    My brother-in-law - Mr. T got Green Card recently. But when it was applied (by T's brother 15 years back) T was not married. Now, if Mr. T submits application for his wife wife, how many years T should expect before T's wife can get here? T's GC was approved just 2 weeks back. Can she apply...
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    Please help - visit visa while applied for GC as spouse

    Person X has applied for GC along with his wife Y. X's everything is almost done and X can travel with advance parole, infact X has already went for vacation and came back. However, X and Y's GC are not yet approved. Now Y is sick due to pregnancy related issues and it is really required for her...
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    Double H1 transfer

    I was consulting for a company (X) and then joined as full time for another company Y. Company Y has applied for my H1 transfer and it is still in process. However, after receiving the go-ahead from USCIS, they have already employed me. Now, I got another offer from company Y. Company Z also...
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    H1 Stamping - consulting company is sponsoring H1

    Urgent - H1 Stamping - consulting company is sponsoring H1 I am planning to go for stamping my H1 to Canada. My company is a Virginia based consulting company. It is a smaller company of around 10-15 consultant. It is a typical 'deshi company'. Does anyone know any issue (or risk) involved in...