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    3rd/4th year med school rotations on approved I130

    I'm a medical student in the US and both my parents are US citizens. Can I do rotations (3rd and 4th years) on a pending but approved I130? Most hospitals require the knowledge of my "present visa status." I emailed a couple of hospitals and they're either unsure, or they simply say "yes."...
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    US citizen parents sponsoring over 21 son..

    Hi, I'm single, over 21 living in the US with "PR pending", my parents are GC holders. They will get their US citizenship in 2007 so my priority date will automatically come closer. My question is, will I get a GC right away...or will I first get a work permit, followed by a GC? Has anyone...
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    Timeline: US citizen parent sponsoring single child >21?

    Hi: I searched all over the forum but couldn't find the answer. Does anyone have a rough idea on the time taken when a US citizen parent applies for I 130 for a single child over 21 living in the States? I heard it is 2 years from the date of GC application. Anyone have a rough idea? The...
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    I think my lawyer "screwed up"

    Hello ALL, My DOB is Sep-1979. We, a family of 4 entered the US in 1998. My mom, who is a registered nurse, petitioned for the whole family in 1999, and everyone but me got GCs. Here is my situation: I was petitioned by my mom in 1999. My lawyer filed the I485 application, and I was 20...