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    VISA Information for Countries

    If you have a French Schengen visa, you are golden. You can enter Spain without any problems as others on this forum will attest. Even consulates can be difficult. I've attached Timatic information for a sample flight to and from Madrid with an RTD and French Schengen visa and it says you are...
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    OCI and renunciation of Indian passport

    Here you go: Enjoy.
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    Re-entry permit Form I-131

    Yup you can go back and forth as much as you like. If you do, you will probably never have to show the permit to anyone.
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    Traveling Outside the US As Asylee applicant ,Asylee,LPR through Asylum

    Things are also different for derivative asylees. Much more leeway to travel, renew, etc, depending on feasibility and level of comfort.
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    Working overseas for extended period of time: Implications of re-entry form/ I-131

    It's not a big deal. Fill in what you know. Unless you put North Korea or Iran, I doubt they will care.
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    Traveling in 10 days after oath ceremony

    You can call them a couple of days before to ask about it, and they might push it through.
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    Green card for marriage

    Yes of course you can travel freely, but you need to check your mail in Indonesia (or somebody has to), and will have to go to the embassy or consulate when they call you in for an interview.
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    Continuous Residence : trips less than 6 months.

    IMO that pattern doesn't look bad for a new permanent resident. Of course, they could question you, but if you use an APC, that is unlikely.
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    ESTA Overstay

    What is the point of leaving and sneaking back in? She should have, and still can, adjust status to become a permanent resident. That's the only way. Without starting this process, she is at risk of deportation if caught for any reason (even if she is from Europe and not Latin America...).
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    My green card expires 3 days befor I return is it safe to travel

    You need to change the title to say after not before.
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    Re-entry permit Form I-131

    You can start your degree in the UK while the RP is being processed. On the form, you can indicate that you want them to send the permit to the embassy in London. You can also try to re-enter the US before you are out for six full months, or if not possible, before you are out for one full year...
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    VISA Information for Countries

    Ryanair didn't hassle you with their stupid visa check policy? How did they verify that you could enter Greece and Spain?
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    Working overseas for extended period of time: Implications of re-entry form/ I-131

    You need Singapore work authorisation. Assuming you are a citizen of Singapore, that and a re-entry permit are probably all you need.
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    VISA Information for Countries

    I was let through passport control in 2005 to transfer terminals on an RTD with no visa, though I had a Schengen visa for my final destination. They were unsure of my situation, but were nice enough to let me through.
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    Travel to Germany on RTD without visa: does the entry stamp specify time limit?

    They can ask you for travel insurance, but the don't really do it. Your mother's address should be enough. If you speak German, you can explain things yourself.
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    US passport expiry and going to India

    India does not care, especially if she has OCI.
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    VISA Information for Countries

    Yeah sure they'll let you in, unless you stayed for 90 days the last time. Even then, you will likely be fine.
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    Renewing PR vs Citizenship

    of course citizenship comes with other obvious benefits, and you won't lose it when you leave
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    My Travel Experience - RTD no Green Card

    If you're just crossing the land border for a quick visit I think you don't need a visa for Mexico. If you want to go further into Mexico or fly in, you'd need a visa.