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    What to do if getting laid off while 485 pending

    Hi, all, I am currently 485 pending on H1B EB2 category (receipt date July 10 2015), sponsored by my current company. Finger Print was collected Sep 22, 2015. I just got my work authorization and advance parole combo card last week. Our company hired a new executive, who started a re-org in...
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    Dilemma situation, thoughts?

    I used to work for company A on TN 3yr extension (till 2012). I was laid off begining of Sep, this month. I haven't been able to get to change to B2 due to all kinds of errands. Company B offered me a job today, and applying to get me a H1B via premium processing. I compiled all the...
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    Is there H-1B quota available? how long will it take to get it?

    Hi, all, a newbie question. I got an job offer, company aggrees to file H-1B through premium processing. I don't have labor certificate. I worked for another company via TN before. My question is: Is there H-1B quota available? How long will it take to get H1B to work? My job...
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    Under what job cat should I file for my TN?

    If I get an offer like following, what job category should I file for my TN? Position Description: Serves as medium level Business Systems Consultant working on multiple concurrent initiatives to enhance an enterprise collections application serving both the technical team members and...
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    Laidoff on TN

    Just got laidoff on TN. What to do to keep staying in US? My wife is on F1. Can I do nothing, and find another job and change it to new TN?
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    what do I need from my 2nd employer for my 2nd job in US?

    I am on 3-yr TN for a consulting company. My client orgnization is about to give me an offer. So I have to get a new TN. In order to get this new TN, what do I need from my future employer? Also, does my employer have to do some compliance to acquire me, from legal stand point?
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    TD to F1, can get it done cross border?

    My wife is on TD as a full-time university student, she wants to change to F1 visa. I have two questions: 1. If she changes to F1, then gets a SSN after that, will we get benefit of Obama's stimulus package? (I have my SSN.) 2. Can she file across the border by changing TD to F1?*We...
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    how do I persuade employer allow TN->GC myself?

    My company is using Fragomen as visa lawyer for my TN. Fragomen helped file TN -> H1B this Apr as starting point of TN -> GC, but I didn't get H1B because of not winning H1B lottery. Now I want to start TN -> GC myself, since I saw those success stories. But, how do I persuade employer...
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    Can TD holder register a US company?

    My wife is on TD, she wants to register a US company in NV to do some import/export between Canada & US. I sort of heard that that is not allowed. But are there some other alternatives to that? It is said that F-1 student can register a company, so is that true?
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    Will accredited university of online program degree count?

    My wife is in TD, She wants to have a accounting degree in online program from accredited university like Webster. So, will that degree count when she changes her TD to TN, after her complete of online degree?
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    TN to H1B for 2009 is done?

    I have asked my company to change my TN to H1B, My company's law firm is Fragomen, they helped me filed H1B request for 2009, end of Mar, Fedx to USCIS, and they didn't hear anything from USCIS, no rejection, no receipt, no approval. I asked Fragomen, they said they just got no...
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    How Obama could impact our lives?

    Obama objects NAFTA, he thinks that causes more trouble. If he wins the election, how could his policy impact TNer's lives?
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    Change employer when on I-797A?

    I am 2nd yr TN renewal on I-797A. I want to change employer to my client's company. What should client's company do with my TN status, if they want to hire me? What should do for my TN? TN re-apply or just another I-797A change?
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    Is my wife able to start E-commerce?

    My wife is on TD, my quick question will be: By law, is she able to start her own e-commerce as self-employment by selling small stuff?
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    Can I have F1 and TN both ?

    I am on TN working right now. I applied to study master degree at university. admission officer said I have to have F1 to get assistantship. my question is: Can I get F1 while I have TN in my Canadian passport? So I have F1 for shool and TN for work? If I could, how do I apply...
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    TN to file my parents for a temp visit?

    I am on TN, I want to file my parents for a temp visit for couple of months, they are Chinese. What kind of procedue to go? What should I do?
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    Will University turn down my application because of my TN visa?

    I know that TN visa holder is not supposed to go to university. But I still want to go to unversity for a master degree on part-time basis, while working for a company. Will University turn down my application because of my TN visa? Or, in terms of VISA, do I need to do something in order...
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    My wife's I-94 form was torn at airport, what should I do

    I am working in US on TN, my wife is with me on TD. My wife's TD (I-94) form was torn by the Custom when she flew to China in Chicago airport I am going to China via Chicago in Oct, what should I to prevent the Custom tearing off my I-94 form? What should she do when she comes back in...
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    TN renewal with job role changed

    One question regarding TN renewal with job role changed I was under statistician category with initial TN, cause I was statistical analyst. I am promoted as product marketing manager,which focuses on product strategy and is not relevant to any statistical analysis work, so how does this...
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    Couple of questions on Calgary airport POE

    Couple of "stupid" questions, thanks in advance for gurus answering them. I will get my TN application package(petition letter, job offer, etc) from my US employer's corporate law firm this Friday, I probably will go to Calgary airport POE this Saturday, cause my official work start day is...