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    Expedited Citizenship Apllication - Employer Sponsored?

    There is no way to expedite N-400. You should always have a valid PP even when on GC ..... so your only option is to see if there is a way to expedite your new British PP.
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    Who could share the form template for reentry permission Form 131

    Put in how many ever months you plan to stay out -- 12, 13 whatever - there is no template for this - this info is specific to your case.
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    Going abroad with GC ( special registration )

    Old I-94 - > you can surrender - but its not required. NO need - spl registration is no longer needed. NO other paperwork is needed -- all you need is the GC and your passport.
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    How long after PR status can one apply for citizenship?

    Nice idea - but it doesn't work that way. (else most H1/L1 holders would be eligible to apply directly for citizenship when their 485 gets approved :) )
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    How does the CBP/CIS know the time of absence?

    Every time you leave the US (and when you come in), the airline submits a passenger manifest. They have your passport details, personal details and in case of some airlines GC details. That is sufficient to identify your departure. When you come back, your GC gets swiped and that records your...
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    Rant........ Spoke to someone 7/25/07

    Dude chill out :D :D You JUST filed last month !!!! NSC is officially processing 2006 cases (and probably processing 2005 cases in reality). You need a far more relaxed attitude in order to handle this whole process.
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    EAD : Stop Payment

    Interesting thought for sure :D I don't think it would harm you in any way if you actually did that. Most banks charge around $25 or 30 to do a stop payment. Come back & let us know how it went :D :D
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    Infopass experience on 07/23/2007

    If your company is a Govt backed monopoly and *if* the customer has nowhere else to go, then yeah, you can tell them that easily :)
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    could spouse's 485 be approved before the primary applicant?

    Not sure what you are asking .... but the 485s can't get approved if the140 is still pending
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    HOW:Writing to Senator? Which Seanator for my zip code? -- use the "Find Your Senator" on the top right corner of the page. (btw, there are only 2 senators for each state -- your city/zip doesn't matter. You can also try your Congressman (which depends on your zip - cong. district) -- for that.) They would want you to...
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    Visa Bulletin out: Thank god, its not current...

    They are going to accept *new* apps all the way thru Aug 17th. So most likely processing of existing cases will slow to a halt - they need the IO resources to verify if the app is materially complete before processing benefits like EAD/AP. Expect delays ..... huge delays -- like the Apr 2001...
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    Name Check? Name Check!!!!!

    I thought USCIS (or) FBI? said that they won't expedite namecheck just because someone files a WOM ?!
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    Second RFE on 485, Wonder what it is !!

    What jack144 says is correct. They won't assign a visa number when a RFE is generated on a case. You should send out a new EAD form asap (what were you waiting for all this time -- your EAD expires 8/10 - the renewal should have been sent about 100 days back) Send it asap and hope for a quick...
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    Is it the time to contact NSC stopped & TSC is flooding?

    The ombudsman's response the previous time was a canned response and it sounded pretty bogus. I think it was just a co-incidence that NSC started approving after the first set of emails were sent out. NSC was probably queuing up the apps from June 1 to say 12th or so and then started approving...
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    Need help with I-131

    (1) Class of Admission -> whatever your status was when you last *ENTERED* the US. (not your current status) (2) -- you need 2 separate applications --- cannot combine it. (3) 131 is used for multiple applications -- it is the same form used for Advance Parole -- that is what most folks use to...
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    Long time absence - what will happen at the airport?

    Your mom lost her permanent resident status years ago (when she doesn't have PR intent, bye bye status). Very very likely that she will get in trouble for trying to say "2 weeks" for duration of trip. Her GC (the card) would, most likely, get impounded at POE. Update here on what actually...
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    Permanent resident and credit rating

    This "increasing limit improves your score" theory is not always true. Sometimes having too much credit at your disposal is considered a negative factor. (Reason being that it could let you get into a debt trap - I think its a bogus reason anyway :rolleyes:)
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    Do we need to carry GC all the time with us?

    That's the law. Its upto you whether you want to follow it or not :D Think about it this way .... replacing your DL/credit cards etc is also a hassle - do you not carry them with you ? How many times in the past 6 years (say since your PD ;)), have you lost your wallet ?
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    Got the emails today

    YES -- this is IT :D Congrats :D :D