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    Medical Technologist Resume issues - E1 holder's spouse

    Better don't mention on the face of the resume. If your resume is considered for possible job that time you can convince your visa status. Because some recruiters don't understand immigration status, also don't want deals with I migration status issues.
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    need help for BAMS medical graduate

    That's what I keep posting. I have seen BHMS now doing 3 year DDS in UMKC. So one has to to fulfill all the pre-medicine requirements (irrespective of BHMS or BAMS) if your GPA & MCAT score is below than MD average requirements DO is the best option. If you have GPA above 3.75 and MCAT score...
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    Pls help H1b from Japan for Indian

    you do not need any lawyer for your H1b in japan.
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    Some questions on starting a LLC on F1 visa

    To start a LLC you no need to be a Green card holder or Citizen, even you no need to in US. You can start LLC your own and own 100% Shares. You can be non active member of LLC and should not involve day to day operations etc, for operation you can employ any number of people.
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    Medical Laboratory Scientist

    You have to find an employer, who can also sponser you too. Not all US employer make H1 visa for their employees.
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    Need advice regarding Mpharmacy..Please help!!

    Maybe useful International Pharmacists are those individuals who currently live in the United States and have received an undergraduate degree in and their pharmacy license from a recognized school of pharmacy outside of the 50 U.S., the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. International...
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    Medical Laboratory Scientist

    Now you need a sponser who can offer a job?
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    What to study to became Dentist after 12th grade

    If you want to do dentistry in US you must do pre dentistry 4 years in US otherwise no school will take you. After your 12th gr you must take ACT or SAT and get admitted into any US University which offers pre medicine/pre dentistry course(4 years BS). For Fall 2013 you may be late, most of the...
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    Medical Laboratory Scientist

    Medical Tech or Computer prog Give more info on your Bachelor degree - how many years course, subject, university name, your job functions etc.
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    H1 visa for BHMS - Homeopath ?

    Nachi must learn how to read and understand English .
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    Credit and Criminal Background Check on F-1 Visa Student

    If you pay 3+ months deposits most landlords rent their apartments for international students.
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    physician with MBBS degree

    Which job? Doctor job, then no. If you pass USMLE all parts and complete residency in US and get unconditional Licence to practice Medicine in USA ,then you qulaify for EB2. MBBS is a Bachelors degree (Under graduate degree)
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    Labor Audit

    If DOL suspects that your sponser is doing non-legal things, then DOL can do audit at any time.
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    H-1B holder, applying for GC, Employer is willing to help. Also looking for a good lawyer.

    Your case is very easy one. 100% approval chances. Best thing is call Rajiv Khanna's immigration office, they will educate your sponser's HR dept and get you Labor Cert and GC without any problem. Do not waste any more time, call straight away Rajiv Khanna he will help you.
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    H1-B Extension after 6 years VERY URGENT...PLEASE ANSWER

    Better get it amended. USCIS is not responsible for this three years extn by mistake. This is you or your company attorney responsibilty to get it corrected even if USCIS make a mistake.
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    Foreign medical graduates and advanced degree cap

    Once you complete your residency in US, and have your unconditional licence to practice medicine in US, your staus for H1B pupose (Advanced Degree) or GC is EB2.
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    Medical Transcription: Eligible for H1B or not?

    H1B is given to speciality area with bachelor/master degree, where there is shortage of US employees. Medical transcriptionist job doest not require a Bachelors degree, even an High school drop out can do with a week or two training. Hence Medical transcriptionaist job is not eligible for...
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    H1 visa for BHMS - Homeopath ?

    Homoeopathy is an undisputable medicine for several chronic illness. Invented by a German Noble Laurate Dr.Samuel Hahnemann. But question is who should practice. In US to pratice Homoeopathy 4 years Pre-medicine + 4 years MD in alternate medicine after passing 12 th grade. In UK , MF(Home)...
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    H1B Guidance for Dental residency in AZ

    1st year program: Minimum qualification to join AEGD Program. 1.Graduation from an approved US, Canadian and/or International dental school. 2.Passed part 1 and part 2 of the National Dental Board Examination. 3.Eligible for a temporary license or limited permit in those states that...
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    H1B Guidance for Dental residency in AZ

    To qualify for an h1B visa in dental field, one must have qualified degree in dentistry (DDS/DMD) from US university plus a state license to practice dentistry. Usually BDS/MDS foreign degrees are not eligible to get an H1B visa.