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  1. nelsona

    TN Extension experience

    So, it would seem unreasonable to ask you stay in US -- and you don't have to. As I said, let your lawyers figure out what they think you need. You got TN before at the border, and I suspect you will again,
  2. nelsona

    TN Extension experience

    Since you are dealing with a lawyer, I will let them earn their fee to put together your package. If you work remotely from canada, how are they asking you to remain in US? You can find times online for I-129. You should use premium processing, which will take two weeks. Otherwise..... You...
  3. nelsona

    Canadian Citizen - Applying for New TN Visa

    um.. Yes.
  4. nelsona

    Canadian Citizen - Applying for New TN Visa

    Your Foreign degree(s) need to be specifically evaluated against US education standards; your WES eval for Cdn standards is not valid for US immigration purposes. WES can still do this.
  5. nelsona

    TN Change of employer (Mexican)

    No. A consular officer is at an a US consulate/embassy.
  6. nelsona

    TN-How long can I work from home in Canada with the TN Status?

    The TN would not become "void". The I-94 associated with the TN would become invalid, but would be easily re-issued the next time that entered the country. This is not the problem. The real issue is not having the correct Cdn payroll as a person not living or working in US, but in Canada. It's...
  7. nelsona

    RE: TN1 Visa.

    I would think you would want to get to work in the US as soon as possible, so TN-first is the way to go. While technically you should not have intent to immigrate, your TN sponsor could decide to try and hire you permanently, which would not take that long -- and as we know there would be...
  8. nelsona

    Canadian TN holder and Unemployment Insurance Benefits

    As already pointed out on this thread, former TNs are not considered ready to work, thus are ineligible for state EI benefits. They must re-establish Cdn residency and follow the process described above through Service Canada. The documents you list are for those with work authorization...
  9. nelsona

    TD Extension through USCIS

    No. Simply filing on time will keep the person in status pending approval.
  10. nelsona

    Curiousgeorge TN->GC link

    Once you submit your I-485, you will not be able to re-enter on TN. So, you will need to wait until you get Advanced Parole before resuming travelling. So if you're planning to go to canada, do NOT file I-485 until you return, and are able to stay in US for the several months that it takes to...
  11. nelsona

    Border TN vs USIS

    I-129 could take months, unless your firm want to file with Premium processing. The choice of crossing is far outweighed by a proper petition. Anecdotal evidence doesn't merit attention.
  12. nelsona

    TN and Contracting

    Cdn firms do not issue 1099s, but, as I said, ask tax questions on a tax forum. It is not a problem to have other legal income on TN. Date of contract means nothing. It is performing work that determines legality.
  13. nelsona

    TN and Contracting

    Why would you think it illegal? You can have multiple TNs and you do not need to be an employee on TN. As long as you and the job qualify TN, just get a TN for each freelance job you want. the client(s) would be the sponsor(s). Now, if the job doesn't qualify for TN, then you need to go...
  14. nelsona

    Job offer rescinded due to TN

    If you need a sponsor, it is sponsorship. It doesn't require a formal petition sent to the USCIS like most other non-immigrant processes, but, as you are seeing, when it looks like sponsorship and quacks like sponsorship, employers recognize it as sponsorship. the only reason to "say" it isn't...
  15. nelsona

    Job offer rescinded due to TN

    It is sponsorship. They would be sponsoring you. As has been pointed out (twice), without duration, straight offer letters simply don't work. But you can certainly try. All the best. There are lots of companies out there willing to sponsor TNs.
  16. nelsona

    Job offer rescinded due to TN

    If the sponsor will not cooperate, then your only hope is to show up at border with what you have. If denied, then it is back in sponsor's court. The main thing it is missing is duration of three years or less, which is a must. Sometimes, the internal job title makes it obvious what TN category...
  17. nelsona

    TN Newbie - CSA

    If it is a two-year diploma, that may work. Even an evaluation of your past will not make it a bachelor's degree. Evals only work (and are required) when the foreign degree IS a bachelor;s degree). As I said, since you current have the job, you and your firm may be better to put your...
  18. nelsona

    Job offer rescinded due to TN

    You would still need the sponsor to sign it. You should get buy-in from them before showing up with a letter. But you can certainly explain how simple it is, and what that letter contains.
  19. nelsona

    Can both spouses have two (separate) TN visas?

    of course they can.
  20. nelsona

    TN Newbie - CSA

    Are you saying your spouse is getting out of business? If not, then your EAD will still be valid to continue whatever work you want to do. If your spouse is quitting the business (I presume they will become TD if you get TN), then I do not believe you qualify for CSA, since you have no...