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    Health insurance options for a new immigrant (above 65 years) after recent health care law changes

    Hi, Kindly let me the different health insurance options for a new immigrant who is 65+ years old. In light of numerous changes in the health care law. I want to understand different healthcare options for new old age immigrants (> 65 years old). Thanks,
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    Steps for I-130 - IMMIGRANT PETITION FOR RELATIVE (Consular processing)

    I have the following questions: What are the processing steps after I130 is filed for parents ? Does the application go to the country where parents live ? If yes, how much time it will take for processing there ? What are the documents from parents side that would be needed ? Thanks
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    List of documents from parents side for GC From above website, i have found the documents that are needed by parents for GC: Birth Certificates Court and Prison Records Deportation Documentation Marriage Certificates Marriage...
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    Applying for parent tourist visa while GC (Consular processing) is under progress

    I have applied for my mother's GC last month (Consular processing). My understanding is that this process will take approximately ONE year. In the mean time, can I apply for tourist visa ? My mother has never been to the USA. Thanks,
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    Sample affidavit for parents Birth Certificate

    My mother does not have a birth certificate. I have obtained certificate of no record from appropriate government department. My understanding is that ONE or TWO affidavits are needed in addition to the certificate of no record. Does someone has a sample affidavit for birth ? Thanks
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    Need URGENT help on travel to India options while OCI is still in progress

    My priority date for OCI (family application) is April/05/2013. I have not yet received the cancelled Indian passport (after renunciation) from India consulate - New York. My mother is not feeling well. What can i do to travel to India while OCI is still under progress ? Please help ...
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    Sponsoring Parent's green card through consular processing

    I need help with the following: 1). Do you foresee any problems with single old age parent going through the consular processing especially going through the immigrant visa interview at a US Consulate in India ? 2). Any issues with medical examination for parent with diabetes ? 3). What is...
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    OCI New York Conulate

    How much time OCI process is taking now a days at the US Consulate New York for a family application including renunciation (OCI + Renunciation) ? Thanks
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    Stay in India for sometime after US Citizenship

    I have following question: Do you foresee any problems (from immigration perspective) with staying in India for sometime after US Citizenship (on OCI)?
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    Oath Ceremony - Checklist

    Following three questions: Apart from PR Card and Photo ID, is there anything else needed for Oath Ceremony ? I had a job when I went for interview. Now I don't have the same job. Do I need to take any paperwork due to change in job situation for the oath ceremony ? How many days it will...
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    Timeline for I-130 consular processing in India for parents

    My understanding is that for parents who are outside of USA, we need to go through Consular processing after I-130 approval. How much time it takes for parents in India ? Just wanted to get an overall idea of approximate time (number of months) involved from step 1 (filing I-130) until parents...
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    Time to get a US Passport from the date of Oath Ceremony

    Hi, How many days/weeks it takes to get a US Passport in hand from the date of oath ceremony ? Does submitting a passport application immediately after the oath ceremony expedite the passport process in any way ? Thanks,
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    Medical and health insurance for older immigrants

    Hi, I need your help in understanding health care insurance options for old age parents (new permanent resident who never worked in the USA - age more than 62 years). Specifically, I have following questions in mind: 1). Can i buy health care insurance for my parents (new permanent...
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    Travel documents for Interview (N-659 Naturalization Interview Document Checklist)

    I have received N-659 Naturalization Interview Document Checklist. One of the item in this checklist is the following: All passports and travel documents (including expired and current) issued to you by and government. On my passport, I have Canadian immigrant visa stamped (way back in year...
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    N-400: Part 2 Eligibility

    Hi, I am applying on the basis of 90 days before 5 years as a permament resident. However, i don't see this option on the Part 2 of N-400 (page 1) form. Should I select Option A: I have been a lawful permanent resident of the United States for at least five years OR Option...
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    N-400: Travel documentation

    In Part 7 of N-400, I have mentioned date I left the US and date when i returned to the USA. Is documentation needed to support these dates ? Should i submit a copy of travel tickets with N-400 as proof of travel outside United States ? Thanks,
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    Documents to be submiited with N-400

    I am referring to the document checklist at - Should i send last 5 year tax transcripts even though i don't have any tax overdue ? Thanks,
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    Form N-400 : Selective Service

    Hi, When i came to the US for the first time [as a lawful non-immigrant (H1-B)], i was more than 26 years old. Do I still need to provide a "Status Information Letter" [Form N-400 Part 10.g - Page 09]. Thanks,
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    Fee Payment with N-400

    Can i combine fee payment and pay with single money order / check when submitting N-400 application ? Thanks,
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    Working for US Employer in India after taking US citizenship (and OCI)

    Hi, My US employer is considering for a multi-year assignment in India. I will continue to be direct employee but work in India. They are open to wait until I get my US Citizenship (and OCI). Does anyone see any problem with me working in India (for multiple years) after taking US...