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    I-129F and 2 year meeting requirement exception

    Hi, I have heavily relied on this forum for assistance from my asylum application all the way to my citizenship. I honestly never thought I would be back with questions but here I am. I decided two months ago that I would like to marry a childhood friend a (no family ties) which I haven't seen...
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    Citizenship Interview - Travel to COP

    I like the thought of waking up as US Permanent Resident and going to bed as a new US CITIZEN!!!! I had my interview at 11:30am this morning at the Baltimore Maryland office. I arrived 20 minutes early only carrying the documents listed on my appointment notice (Green Card, Passport, and...
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    GC holder (asylum) returned to COP

    Hi, 1. I am eligible for citizenship as of June 2013, GC holder since Sept 2009 2. While on asylum status my father passed away in COP. Was not able to attend funeral because of status and other risks. (This was the most devastating thing I experienced in the last 20 years) 3. After...
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    USCIS website new look

    I encourage you to take a look. The most interesting feature in my opinion is that when you enter your receipt number it shows you where you are in the approval process. It now states the average processing time for TSC at 6mo for I-485 based on asylum.
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    Got the Green Card in 58 days !!

    As many of you know, my receipt date was July 15, 2009. Today, I received my plastic green card in the mail. That is a few days short of two months. I applied at the Texas service center. I stilll haven't received the Welcome letter in the mail (Only the CRIS email). No Approval letter...
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    Yeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhhhh !!!!!!!

    I received my Welcome Notice Email today. I am now a permanent resident. I applied for GC on 07/15/09 and am now receiving theis welcome notice just 48 days after the receipt date. Yessss!!! I suspected all along that the procesing times on the website were misleading. If you are about to...
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    Understanding Processing Times

    Does anyone really understand USCIS' I-485 processing dates? What exactly does the dates represent? Why are so many immigrants getting their cases approved well before these dates or well after that date? The USCIS site says it is "the filing date (...) of the last case we processed on the...
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    "CRIS" update emails from USCIS - Fingerprints

    On 8/18 I gave my fingerprints for 3 applications: I-131, I-765 and I-485. Less than 30min after I was done, I received the USCIS CRIS update email for my I-131 and I-765, kind of indicating that my fingergerprints had been received. I never got that email for the I-485 application. Now I...
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    I applied for Green Card and this is what I get:

    I applied for a GC concurrently with a Travel doc and Employment Authorization (cause it was free) and I see this notice: Application Type: OS155A, IMMIGRANT VISA AND ALIEN REGISTRATION Current Status: Card production ordered. On July 20, 2009, we ordered production of your new card...
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    How long did you wait for Greem Card?

    I am curious how long my fellow asylees have waited for their GC from the Receipt Notice date. Please specify: Notice (receipt) date: Which Service Center: Approval Letter Date:
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    Forgot to put 1yr proof of presence in US

    After reading a few posts, I realised that I forgot to put some type of proof that I was physically present in the US one year prior to my I-485 application. (Application was mailed 7/11/09) Q: Is there a procedure where I can send it even before USCIS requests it? Do they always ask for it...
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    Texas Service Center

    When I look on the USCIS website for the Texas service Center Processing times, is shows July 31st 2008. Does it rule out any possibility of receiving Green card within a year? Has anyone filed with that office and received GC in less than one year?
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    Grantyed Asylum in 2004 Never did I-485

    ....That is until today. Just sent the paperwork this morning. I would like to know if I should still expect to wait 10 years or so for an available visa (Green Card).- Is there still a 50,000 limit on the number of Grren Cards assigned to asylees per year?