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    Visiting Russia - Visa Questions

    After immigrating to the U.S. in the fall of 1989, I have finally decided to visit Russia this coming September. Although I was aware that U.S. citizens require a visa to enter Russia, I was certainly not aware of how many hoops I will have to jump through to obtain one. Since my family left...
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    Proposed Passport Fee Hike

    Here's an interesting article, posted today on Other than possible passport fee hikes, it mentiones a possible $450 fee to renounce U.S. citizenship, a process which is currently free.
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    Passport Application - Occupation/Employer???

    My oath is not until tomorrow morning, but I decided to get a jump on things and fill out my passport application. My question is about the fields that ask for my occupation and employer. I remember LolaLi posting something about those fields being optional, but I couldn't find that post. Can...
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    My Interview Experience - Garden City, NY

    I arrived at the Garden City DO at approximately 10:15 this morning. My interview was scheduled for 11:25, so I decided to try my luck and see if the security guards would allow me to get in early. They politely told me to come back at 11:00, so I dropped my fiancee off at Bloomingdale's at the...
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    New Naturalization Procedures

    Someone posted this USCIS memo on It contains a lot of useful information, so I figured I'd repost it here. Pay specific attention to the section that states that effective immediately (the memo was...
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    Background Checks and Placement in Queue

    After receiving my IL last month, I forgot all about my mailing campaign to various political leaders, asking them to inquire why my interview is taking so long to schedule. A few days ago, I received a reply from the FBI NNCP, in response to the letter I sent to the First Lady. The letter...
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    Naturalization Certificate Expiration???

    I was searching for information on how to obtain a marriage license in New York and found the following: A naturalization certificate is valid for 10 years? Is there any truth to this statement? I was under the impression that it...
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    IL Finally Received

    I had a 7:15 InfoPass appointment this morning at 26 Federal Plaza. I checked in and, as usual, was instructed to go to the Natz unit on the 7th Floor. I just finished filling out the pink data sheet when my number was called. I went up to the window and handed it to the IO, along with the...
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    Another shining example of USCIS at its finest

    Last time I spoke with an IO (5/15/08), she offered to open a service request for me. Just now, I received a service request acknowledgement letter from the NYC DO. Here's a direct quote from the letter: "Caller indicated they are: Applicant or Petitioner Attorney Name...
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    Contacting First Lady

    Can anyone suggest the proper address for contacting the First Lady? Is it the White House address on her web site? Also, she doesn't seem to have a standard privacy act release form on her website. Would it be acceptable to type one up? Should I contact any other politicians to inquire about...
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    Contacting Congressman - Phone or E-mail?

    In preparation for the possibility of having to file a WOM, I've decided to contact my local Congressman to have his immigration liaison confirm that my background checks have been cleared, just to have it in writing for court purposes. Does it matter if I contact his office via E-mail or phone?
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    Ordered to Learn English, 3 Armed Robbers Now Deported

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    Case Status Online - Still Appears After IL?

    Prior to the events of July 2007, case status disappearing from the online system meant that the case was transferred to a local DO and an IL was issued. Despite the fact that not all applications were entered into the online system after July 2007, many still made their way in. I've recently...
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    Gonzalez's Response to a Recent New York Times Article

    Looks like the NYT struck a raw nerve with good ol' Emilio!
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    Breaking News - Emilio Gonzalez Resigns This story was originally posted by jefkorn in the "USCIS Lawsuit..." sticky earlier this morning. All credit for breaking this story goes to him, as I am merely reposting the link.
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    Monthly Processing Updates - Prediction

    In the spirit of Bobsmyth's old "Prediction of Weekly Receipting Time Updates" thread, I thought it was time for this forum to have a thread for predicting monthly processing timeframe updates for various DOs. I'll get this one started with my prediction for the NYC DO: based on the PD of the...
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    New Processing Times

    The new processing times have finally been posted: NYC is reporting July 20, so it's slowly edging forward. Let's see if we actually manage to get over the end of July hump with the next update.
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    NYC InfoPass Update

    I just got back from my InfoPass appointment at 26 Federal Plaza. The purpose of this appointment was to find out if my name check has been cleared. After waiting an hour and a half, I was finally given the answer that I so desperately wanted to find out. My name check has been cleared, and I am...
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    NYC InfoPass - Any Suggestions?

    Has anyone had InfoPass appointments in NYC recently? I have one coming up on Friday (2/15) at 7:30 A.M. I specifically scheduled it early, in order not to take time off work. Do the appointments take place according to schedule, or should I expect to wait past 7:30?
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    Plans for an Additional Biometric Database (from For those of you who have read the book "1984", this will definitely hit close to home. I can already envision applicants for various immigration benefits being stuck in "iris check" and "facial shape" check. This is getting out of...