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    Canadian Entrepreneurial category closed July 2011. provincial still open ?

    Hello, From what I understand the federal Entrepreneurial category for immigrants is closed as of July1st 2011. However some provinces such as Manitoba, Saskatchewan have their own sets of immigration guidelines for entrepreneurs willing to establish businesses in their province. Provided...
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    Abandoning AOS i-485 based . PLease advice.

    Hi, I have a question with which im hoping someone would be able to help. My family has a successful business overseas for which I am to eventually take over when the time is right. I had been sent by my family to USA for studies (F-1) and knowing very well who I was to get married to we...
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    AOS (marriage) Interview in August, Recieved form G-56 today =(

    Hi, Me and my wife had a successful AOS interview late August of this year. I believe its standard practice of USCIS not to reveal whether the application was denied or approved on spot and they let one know by mail. Still, the body language of the IO said everything seemed fine. Today I...
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    Cleared Immigration interview August 26th. Case still pending

    Hi. We had our i-485 AOS interview based on family petition on August 26th. It went smooth and we passed it. We are still waiting for a approval since its still stuck in the "processing phase". How long is this wait ? and by what time should we start calling ? - Thanks
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    HELP: Need i-551 stamped urgently

    Hi, My brother and his wife had their AOS interview on august 26th 2010 at the OMAHA center. She is a US citizen. At the time of the interview, the couple had mentioned to the officer that they will need to be travelling to Jamaica for their honeymoon around oct 22nd and had provided...