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    Question about obtaining U.S Citizenship through U.S. Armed Forces

    You'll find answers to your questions on USCIS site:
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    Extra Copies

    I did that - took extra copies + originals to my interview (the general instructions they sent with the appointment letter called for extra copies) but in my case IO never asked for any documents at all, not from my originals nor from the copies I made for them. They had everything there in a...
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    Going to USC interview without spouse?

    Going together or alone doesn't change anything. If you go together, your spouse will wait in the waiting room while you have your interview anyway. My husband went with me and I was glad because I could share my joy with him after passing the test right there in the waiting room.
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    Is it possible to get a copy of the signed N-400?

    An IO at my interview also informed me that the interview would be audio and video recorded before we got started.
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    How long does the citizenship interview take?

    I had an afternoon appointment and it didn't take long either. My appointment was at 2:10 pm (I arrived 30 minutes earlier to go through security, etc.), my name was called 15 minutes later and the interview took about 16 minutes itself. It was in Phoenix, AZ
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    HELP!! Please!! Cant File I-485 on time!!

    The form for Removal of Conditions of Green Card is I-751. If you miss your dead line, you will be a subject for a process of removal from USA. Find out, if there is any kind of waiver from a fee that you could apply for... if not, try to get help from your family or friends.... after all it is...
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    B1/B2 valid for work in USA

    No, he can NOT work at all while being in the USA on visitors visa. Even if you apply for his GC, he cannot work nor overstay (he cannot stay here over his permitted time when waiting for his GC - on tourist visa he can spend here up to 6 months per stay, unless IO stamps his passport for...
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    B1 B2 visa to H2B

    Sorry, I don't know the very details of filing for H2B You can find more information on the subject here: and here: I hope you find something useful there.
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    I think I got a Real Easy Question

    I would recommend you to travel to Peru and meet her in person and than decide. Sometimes "chatting" online and real life go in two different directions. I am not saying it will go bad for you - I myself met my husband by chatting online in 2004. I am from Poland and he is American. We got...
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    I have an interview tomorrow please help

    You are mixing up two DIFFERENT things! Interview when applying for Green Card (especially through marriage) is completely different from an interview when applying for Citizenship. You and your wife will have to prove that your marriage is REAL and in good faith and not just for GC. You might...
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    B1 B2 visa to H2B

    The employer must do all the paperwork, pay a lot of fees, state why they can't find anybody in the US who could do that job. There are yearly caps of how many can be issued. A new application year opens in April and most try to get them in the first day because often more apply than visas...
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    Marriage visa if you haven't lived together

    No, it would NOT work... married people share more than just holiday... they share LIFE together.. and when they get married they can't stand being apart and start immigration proceedings right away... why to wait 2 years... why even get married??? Dumb a$$...
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    Can I get my green card back?

    Dumb da da dumb! LOL!!! I had a good laugh reading your post... You CANNOT use green card for traveling as a tourist to the USA... That what we have TOURIST VISAS for. Green Card is for people that want to be residents of this country, you obviously don't want that... so good thing that they...
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    Advice on receiving Green Card or Access to America.

    You have some choices, but sponsorship by U.S. citizen friends is not one of them.... simply because option like that does NOT exist. You could be sponsored for a GC by your sister (the one that has citizenship) but it would take several years of waiting... or when your American girlfriend...
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    Can anyone please answer my questions?

    I am guessing you meant "HIS" mother, since it is your husband... To get American passport, you have to be a US Citizen... to become a US Citizen, you need to go through the process of Naturalization... and to do that, first you need to have a Permanent Resident Card (Green Card) and live in...
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    Benefits after getting GC

    "Can I get Food Stamps right after I receive my green card?" - are you kidding??!!! Hey aset, maybe instead of asking about food stamps on your Green Card, you should start looking for... oh I don't know.... a JOB???!!! Don't be a parasite for other people that actually pay taxes.... if you...