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    Baltimore N-400 Timeline

    My journey is over too! Though I didnt contribute much here during my citizenship process, i would like to thank you all for the valuable info provided. We had our interviews at 11 AM yesterday and the oath ceremony at 3 PM. The officer did not ask for anything other than the DL, GC and...
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    Baltimore N-400 Timeline

    Thanks! My IL letter just asks to bring GC and passport..i quit my employer within a month after obtaining GC..i have a letter from the employer regarding that b/c it was a contract to hire position and i was hired by the company directly..i had no choice..but the IL never specified to bring...
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    Baltimore N-400 Timeline come I didn't meet you during FP? Just kidding..:) Maybe we will meet during I know you from green card years? doesn't ring me a bell.. I may think abt cancelling my name change if there's gonna be a significant delay for oath date..i am just trying to find...
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    Baltimore N-400 Timeline

    Oath date for name change applicants Rwickra or anyone, Do they give the oath date and time even for ppl who have opted for name change? Thanks,
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    Baltimore N-400 Timeline

    Received Interview letter Hi all, We received our interview letter yesterday. The interview is at 11 AM on 6/12. I have just two quesions now Do you guys think that we might get a same day oath? We also have applied for a name change. How long does it take to get the oath if i decide to...
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    anyone done FP b4 scheduled date?

    Has anyone just walked in and had their finger printing done before their scheduled date? I am in a situation where i have some pressing appointment on the FP scheduled date and i prefer to have FP done earlier as i dont want to reschedule and cause unnecessary FP is scheduled at...
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    N-400 Applications in December 2007-January 2008

    How good is rescheduling FP? I just found out that I got a FP notice today with a FP date of 1/26 at 1PM which is a saturday. One good thing is i don't have to get an excuse from work but the bad thing is i attend classes on saturdays in DC. I don't want to miss my classes and thinking of...
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    N-400 Applications in December 2007-January 2008

    Received the Receipt I just received the receipt yesterday. When do u think I will recieve the FP notice? ND: Jan 8 2008 PD: Dec 18 2007
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    Name change in naturalization

    My checks were cashed on 12/31/07 and we have opted for last name change. My cousin from VA got her name changed in 1 month after interview. She was called to the court for the oath ceremony in about 1 mo from interview date which was around last May. I hope things are that easy now. Going by...
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    N-400 Applications in December 2007-January 2008

    I am returning after 4 years..was a moderator for sometime here in 2003..My N400 details are as follows Residence: Maryland Center: VSC N400 mailing date: 12/14/2007 Checks cashed: 12/31/2007 Waiting... Any idea when to receive the receipt and FP?
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    sam99 is finally approved - RD 11/3/2001

    Congrats!! Enjoy Your Life!! :)
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    Sorry.. Totally different subject,, Help in Unix.

    this shld work.. tar -cvf <filename>.tar `find . -name "*.dat"`
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    sorry .. totally different subject Help in Unix.

    this shld work tar -cvf <filename>.tar `find . -name "*.dat"`
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    What's the explanation?

    Re: Simple :D
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    Re: wow!! Neither:D If one is a master of the Keyboard and internet, doesn't take more than 5 mts, if you know what i mean..:p
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    modern geetha
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    A Man's World! How many men does it take to open a beer? None. It should be opened by the time she brings it. -------------------------------------- Why is a Laundromat a really bad place to pick up a woman? Because a woman who can't even afford a washing machine will probably...
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    Men are like.. Men are Like... Men are like.....Floor tile. Lay them right the first time and you can walk on them for a lifetime. Men are like.....Placemats. They only show up when there's food on the table. Men are like.....Mascara. They usually run at the first sign of...
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    gambler: Did you do that before posting here?:D Just kidding.. whats_in_name: That was so funny..:p
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    Genie In A Bottle A husband and wife were having an argument. Suddenly the husband picked up a bottle lying near him and threw it at his wife. The bottle missed the wife and got into the neighbours' house breaking the window glass. Now both the husband and wife got embarassed and went to...