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    PR in Canada

    You may get an assessment from a qualified Immigration Consultant or a Lawyer. This will help you determine which category you may apply. You may check if your education and work experience can have qualified for Skilled workers and professionals category.
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    Prepare for business interview, questions on net for free

    You can also check the resources on the website of Citizenship and Immigration Canada. You will find the latest info on this site. There are lot of updates on the Canada Immigration Policy and one should always check this there site for the updated Information on Canada Immigration Policy.
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    Doing business in Canada - H1B in US PR of Canada

    I would recommend you to consult a qualified Canada Immigration Lawyer to discuss your case.
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    Business in US/Canada and PR Status

    If you work for a Canadian company overseas, you can have this time counted towards your presence in Canada. I would recommend you that you should consult a qualified immigration lawyer to further discuss your case.
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    Canadian Business Immigration FAQ

    This post is very good. The link you have submitted provide comprehensive information.
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    Oath In Scarborough (Timeline)

    These days it may take up to one year in Scarborough.
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    Montreal – Time to get Oath after interview

    This is very strange. It does not take that long for a normal procedure.
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    do you need a valid PR card to apply?

    You need to complete the condition of physically present in Canada for 1095 days with last 4 years to become eligible for Canadian Citizenship.
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    canadian citizenship

    If they are PR holders and have completed the 1095 days within last 4 years in Canada, they can apply for the Canadian Citizenship.
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    On H1B in U.S - Applying for Canada Citizenship

    Due to recent changes in skilled worker class, the processing of skilled worker visa is faster. You may also check the AINP, in the Province of Alberta. Alberta has a special category for H1B Visa holders. The objective of the U.S. Visa Holder Category is to facilitate the entry of U.S. visa...