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    My Wife's GC is approved

    EAD cards expiring.. yeah..stamping is not required. but what about EAD cards. I am confused .. I am waiting for my GC cards and my EAD cards are expiring. What to do ? do i really need renewal. I am assuming that no need to do anything.. Any suggestion ... -thanks.
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    Air India flight from EWR on AP

    Yes. AP will be used while entering to US. I went to INDIA and came back from HYD to US from EWR via paris. No issues. Nothing to worry about transit visa is not required. -thanks VJ
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    Do we need EAD renewal ? After 485 Approved

    Hi All, I need some information about EAD. My EAD is expiring in mid of dec 2005 and my 485 is already approved in oct and just recently i completed my final finger prints just waiting for cards. Now i am really confused what to do... do i really need to renew my EAD ? Suggestion are...
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    Sept'2003: 485/I140 Case Approved....

    Thanks... Priority date : Feb'2003. category # EB2
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    Sept'2003: 485/I140 Case Approved....

    Today I got 4 magic mails..Approved. I wish you all the best to everybody and thanks for help. Recpt dt 485 & I 140 26th Sept 2003. I 140 Approved on 17th Sept 2004. 485 Approved on 28th Sept 2005. Ist Finger Prints on 8th Oct, 2004.
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    September 2003 I-140/I-485 Tracker

    any more approvals for sept 2003 batch. :confused:
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    Anybody know any information about..September 2003..fillers

    Hi Guys. My I 485 was filled in September 2003 (vermont), I 140 Approved in August 2004. my finger prints completed in Sept 2004. I felt like i am moving in right direction. But now looks like i am lost the anybody have any information... where is my I...
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    September 2003 I-140/I-485 Tracker

    Sept'2003 count me also. -thanks VJ :( I485 :EAC0326***** I140 : AD:18th September 2004 FP1: 8th October'2004 2nd EAD:16th Dec'2004 LUD: 11/04,11/05
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    How long it's taking for EAD Renewal?

    We can't say an exact time now a days Hi , I got my EAD in 3 weeks from VSC. I applied in 1st of Dec and I got my cards in 3rd week. Yes...We can't say an exact time now a days. -Thanks VJ
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    Sep 03 cases

    count me... -Thxs VJ :mad: I140 RD : 9/26/2003 AD:09/17/2004 FP: 10/08/04 1st I485 RD : 9/26/2003 AD:????????? LUD# 11/04, 11/05
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    Travel on A.P - Emirates Airlines

    In London specially travelling with emirates..,you need transit VISA or valid US VISA. -vj
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    Any September I-140 case not be approved?

    Thanks..a lot.. Here is my info RD(I140 & 485) #09/25/2003 EAD# Approved in Dec'2003. AP # Approved in Jan'2004. FP # 10/8/2004 (Just got my notice 2 week back) I140 RFE date# 8/24/2004 regardng I140 RFE# requied 750B form. EB2. EAC032625**** -Thanks VJ
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    Any September I-140 case not be approved?

    I am done with I140..My I140 Approved on Friday. Thanks to All .... -VJ
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    Any September I-140 case not be approved?

    I 140 ...sept.2003 i got an RFE...from USCIS..On August 23, 2004, we mailed a notice requesting additional evidence or information in this case. i don't know what is they want to know.. I40 Rpt Date...09/25/2003
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    Any September I-140 case not be approved?

    yeah! I know EAC numbers .. EAC03262***** -Thanks VJ :confused:
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    Any September I-140 case not be approved?

    i am in the same boat, ND #26 Sept 2003..waiting for I140 approval, no RFE , no FP. already got EAD in December. :confused:
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    AP & Passport

    thanks to all and thanks for clarification, its my mistake. -VJ
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    AP & Passport

    Hi , I got my AP(Adv payroll) in Dec'03 with my old passport which was valid till Nov'04. Now i have a plan to go to india in may and comming back in june. My friends told me that its very good to have atleast 6 months validity of passport. I have applied for renewal and i got my new...
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    how to find out if i have been out of status

    My guess is as long as you are on valied H1 or Employment Authorization Card. You are in good shape. This is only my guess.. -thanks VJ
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    How much time for 485 receipt

    26th September 2003 (Receipt Dated) EAD #December 28 ,2003(Approval). AP #9th Feb(Approval) -thanks vj