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    What happen to 2008 Citizen Project?

    I just got my GC approval. Of course, next step would be a citizen. I remember there was a project working for 2008 citizen. I think the idea is somehow reasonable: from the application of GC, it already tooks serveral years. And most of time from then, we stay in US. So, why could...
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    Changing Employer after GC Stamping

    When to count? JoeF: I have same question. I looked at the link, it's very useful, thank for the information. A simple question: When do they count 6 months from? 1. from I-485 approval date 2. from passport stammping date 3. from plastic green card issued date I worked for...
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    485 approved. next steps?

    Thank USGC485 for answers. I just got email approval ,not paper yet. Two simple questions: 1. Where is San Jose Stamping office? Is that just the one we did for finger-print? 2. "make sure to update your social security cards to remove the restriction" what does this mean...
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    Stamping ADIT vs regular

    Some photo question. tonymontana: I got email approval but not paper one yet. Some question to ask you about: 1. where is San Jose Stamping office? Is that just the one we did for finger-print? 2. Did you use old photos or take new ones? Because I just update my passport...
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    LUD CHANGED today??????

    I saw your LUD on 10/27 and 11/04... in fact, 11/04 is the key to be processed. 10/27 still a mass update.... :cool:
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    Case status scanner results

    less than 10% ?? totally less than 10% ??? Jesus.. Do those LUD including yours? Does those approval processed recently or long long before? I did not found any LUD on 11/08/2004 for Feb 3rd 2004 cases. From your results, I guess: Maybe they just process 1/3 of cases for one filing...
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    feb04 485 approved

    485_pending: What is approval date on your approval letter? or tell us more information please.
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    485 JIT suggests Jan 16, 2004

    in fact more RFE introduced by scanned result, they did processed something by 2:1 RFE:Approval rate. So, JIT is somehow correct for processing date, not for approval date.
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    new processing dates posted

    Please ask someone scan your case (June 2004). at least, you could get daily approval speed for that day. Like Feb 3rd, I found 485 approval speed slower than I140.
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    new processing dates posted

    From scanned results, now I140 filed on Feb 3rd 2004 has been processed as 36%. (12% approval, 24% RFE). 64% untouched. however, from recent trend, the untouched cases would be processed in 3 weeks. I believe your case is very closed to mine, so be patient as me .... :cool:
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    Case status scanner results

    Feb 3rd,2004 Scanned almost 3800 cases for Feb 3rd 2004. Here are the results Total 140 approved - 9 Total 140 untouched - 49 Total 140 RFE - 17 Total 140 Denial - 1 -------- Total 140 cases scanned - 76 WAC040835*
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    485 Approved - Received Approval notice in mail

    told you, and congrat again! Told you you would be approved. See now. Anyway, enjoy your freedom.
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    Case status scanner results

    thank you. So, none of them untouched? it seems CSC tried to clean all cases with 50% RFE rate...WAH... Maybe you should divide pending /RFE into RFE and untouched... For your information, normally, there are 4000 cases per filing day, 40-80 I-140 per day. of course, it depends. I...
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    Someone must be happy now!

    285/4000 Thank you. I know, I collect those number for 2 weeks... only for single day. There are normally 4000 cases in one day. around 50-70 I140, 50-70 I485 per single day. Like Feb 3rd,2004, there are totally 76 I-140, 53 I-485, So far, 16 of them approved.... hmmm, let me check...
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    Concurrent filing 140/485 Tracker-CSC

    3-4 weeks for filing. You have to take heath check, which cause Doctor 1 week to write you report. In the mean time, you should prepare other document. Your lawyer would take 1 week to write a draft for you to confirm. document mail in and out takes 1 weeks. Your lawyer would take 1 weeks...
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    Someone must be happy now!

    Detail results? I found totally I-140 7 approval/10 RFE after 10/27 on filing date Feb 3rd, 2004. So, I do not think 10/27 LUD means anything. It's just about the time. You results and mine just show somehow JIT will move-on. And we could prepare for FAX/CALL. :rolleyes: By the way...
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    New Simple/Robust Case Status Scanner

    whereismycase, please help. Your cases are just little ahead my case. Could you post scanning results after you have done?
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    Someone must be happy now!

    after collecting all I140 number on my RD, just type all I140 number into my prifolio... isn't that simple?
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    Someone must be happy now!

    I found two cases has LUD on 11/04/04 today but not any message at all. Maybe several cases including yours are being processed.. Be patient...
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    Someone must be happy now!

    It's for only one day's result, case on Feb 03, 2003. I did not scan whole month Feb ,2004. Let's get some estimation here: If we have whole database scanned : For whole month, it's 20-60 cases per daily processing. For whole year, it's 240-720 cases per daily processing. So, for two...