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    Asylee N-400 Interview Experiences and 2009 Tracker

    Interview Hi everyone, I had my interview in NYC. It took about 10 min or less. I was approved on the spot and advised to wait for the oath letter, which I did. :) Yes, I renewed my passport and went to COP three times (short trips) - I listed all trips on my application. No questions...
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    Asylee N-400 Interview Experiences and 2011 Tracker

    Hey MGTgrl, our timeline almost the same. I remember how we were getting our greencards 4 years ago. As if it was yesterday. I have sent my N-400 on1/28 and scheduled for interview 05/17. Good luck with your application
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    New York City - N-400 Timeline - Naturalization Experiences

    Hello everyone, haven't been here for ages. :) It's been a week since I received e-mail "case (N-400 - NYC) transferred to local office" and no IL letter yet. What might possibly cause a delay? From what I see here people usually get IL the very next day after such message. All inputs are...
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    Congratulations to PARAMVIR!!

    WOW! I was on vacation and missed the news! Congratulation to my fellow former asylee! I always knew you would be OK but nevertheless it was an overwelming waiting. Now that hassle is behind you! Enjoy your status of being a citizen of this great country!!! :D
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    proof that I did not go to COP?

    Every few months for several years?! One should have a solid reason to go somewhere that often. If it was for business, I think IO would perfectly accept it. This country has a great respect to working people. If you bring a letter from your company, I am sure, you will be OK.
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    Entering jfk july 16

    Interesting, in Dulles Washington they have only two lines - for visitors and for Citizens/GC holders/diplomats :)
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    my citizenship interview experience (donnt go to COP)

    You are so upset! And I understand it. But the world did not come to an end. Maybe your approval letter is just on way. So many people get their apporvals later after the interview. What did your attoney say?
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    my citizenship interview experience (donnt go to COP)

    In a long run its not up to one particular officer. You can fight it in court and explain your case. Hopefully you will be apporved soon without all this hassle.
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    my citizenship interview experience (donnt go to COP)

    I heard that the asylum based citezenship applications are not approved right on the spot and usually require the superviser's review. Maybe your case is a part of normal procedure.
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    Travel with GC and NP but no RP

    I think timeline plays a great role in these issues. Some people's journey took 10-15 years. Nowdays everything moves much faster. If you applied for asylum just a year ago and now have a GC, it is better to wait before you do any business with your COP Embassy. This is my take on it, though...
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    This is something to be clarifired. Several lawyers told me that it was OK to renew passport once I became PR since I have to travel due to my work. I had no idea the issue can end up in court. :confused: But anyway - may be its better not to read such things and wait untill interview to...
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    How fast they are going to move? Are you saying that renewing passport after the GC may be a ground to denial? That is what, you think, they have in mind?
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    Asylum Greencard Passport not stamped

    But look, Alena - we read what they send us and follow the instructions. We don't have to do second guess or ask someone on forum. Paper from USCIS is a document. If this paper really explicitly says - renew your passport, how he supposed to know that he should not do it? Any judge would...
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    Asylum Greencard Passport not stamped

    Really? This is defenetely something new. Some people say that we cannot renew passport that even after we get a Green card. Oh, and by the way, to get a new passport you have to show your valid US visa. You cannot show your white card with asylum stamp, right?
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    Asylum Greencard Passport not stamped

    Hm... renewing your passport before you get your GC seems not a good idea. Even after GC some people say don't do it. But before... They say bring whatever passport you have. You could have simply said you had lost it if you did. But may it not the case at all.
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    Asylum Greencard Passport not stamped

    They have a right to deny but should come up with a valid reason not because they want to. And you have the right to defend your status. All I am saying that 10 days is nothing. it is too early to worry.
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    Asylum Greencard Passport not stamped

    Why would you think you denied? There is no difference between 8 or 10 days. :) Hopefully you will get your welcome letter shortly. All cases are different and timelines too (and immigration officers). Don't compare you case to others. Good luck!
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    Greencard Category is subject of persecution by COP officials

    Unless your name is on international wanted list you should be OK. Uzbekistan might have arrested dissidents who were residing in Uzbekistan, not visiting. Tashkent doesn't need any freedom supporters in their country. :) Since China gave you a visa they would not do anything like that.
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    DV 2010 Winners poll

    According to this data, it looks like only 4 people - all from Africa - took a survey. Thus, it can not in any way be considered a credible source of info. :)
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    Asylee LPR Travel

    The only basis to terminate LPR status is to prove that the initial application was fraud. Thus, if you returned to COP it might trigger reopening of your case. If you argue that situation changed after you adjusted your status nobody is gonna termonate your LPR status. But reopening the case...