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    GC - State Tax Returns (Non-resident - Will this make me lose status)

    Why do not you ask IRS and USCIS directly about it ? If I were you I would ask them for sure.
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    485 filing for wife is rejected ! Please suggest alternative!

    Hypothetically there is a chance not to be OK for him or for her. For example he says that him and his wife is currently on H1/H4, what if in the mean time he has to jump to EAD and start working for new employer using EAD ? His H1 is not valid anymore, accordingly her H4 is not valid...
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    EAD RFE after I485 Approval

    Having got I-485 approval, usually people get EAD and AP denied. But some people get EAD/AP approvals sometime after I-485 get approved. I know one guy who got H1B extension approved having approved I-485 couple of months before. They are not consistent with different type of petitions.
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    What happens if GC holder is kicked off job

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    What happens if GC holder is kicked off job

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    What happens if GC holder is kicked off job

    If you do not work for a long time being on the the green card it can potentially cause problem for citizenship. They may decide that you do not have good moral character. Otherwise there is no problem to quit/change jobs unlimited number of times.
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    Interview letter received but I am sad

    But if you have used your Canadian PR stamp/card to go to Canada after having got American green card it can be interpreted as intention to live in Canada permanently. If it happened and you did not get busted because the information exchange between Canada/US is not regulated...
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    Interview letter received but I am sad

    Did they (US officials) see this stamp and did they realize what it means ? I doubt if they realize what stamp you have in your passport .... "no questions will be asked".
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    Interview letter received but I am sad

    If they figure out how you spent your last five years and about your attempt of getting Canadian PR simultaneously, your American green card will be revoked and you you will be deported. Read this story about experience of parallel immigration US/Canada...
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    When the unthinkable happens (GC/wallet gets stolen)

    If it happened and you lost your all documents and money.... First of all you have to go to local police department and report that your important documents were lost/stolen. You must get a report from them. I know this is a preliminary step is required by US consulate and by consulate of...
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    Travelling with the green card

    6 months passport validity People from certain countries MUST have at least 6 month valid foreign passport to enter US. . I think it works only for US temporary visa holders. My personal opinion is that for...
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    social security number denied for H4

    This is true, she is not eligible for SSN and to work. Only EAD can make her eligible to get SSN being on H4.
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    Health Insurnance for elderly mother

    Actually it is very good point, for example my organization can provide an insurance for parents/grand parents/cousins but only if they live with me "under common roof".
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    BIG SLAP for EB3 - India

    It is right only if someone works for a small bodyshop. But if it is big company with many thousand employees, it can be not easy, and money is not an issue. They are so slow and so many people need to be agreed (on the differen levels) to start the green card again that you never want to start...
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    Driver's license after GC valid for just one year?

    Why do not you want anyway to apply for the new one (normal without restricting notes on it) ? You never know how that "Temp Immgr Status" can cause problems for you. Kind of some stupid clerk in the bank may not take it as your real ID or you will be refused to board on the plane by other...
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    Speeding ticket and I485

    If it is just only speeding - NO. If it is reckless driving (speed over 82 mph and you were detained) or DUI - YES.
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    GC Holder: How to move sick mom to US?

    Practically only when you become citizen, you can sponsor her as IR immediate relative but not before. She can get a green card then. But she can be refused on the medical ground. Marriage to citizen can be also an option for her. DV Green card lottery. I doubt that there are any...
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    Benefits of having a Green Card !!!

    How is this related with ITIN kids ? Even what you quoted proves that something needs to be changed either for taxpayer or dependant in 2008 (tax situation -> getting SSN for example) If nothing is changed .... No payment ... Sorry Of course they may change their practice like they did...
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    Benefits of having a Green Card !!!

    It is very emotional post, but nothing besides of it. Do you have any supporting documents to prove your statement. There is no contradictions but there is no an official provement of your logic.