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    2018 Asylum Filers

    Yes, NJ. Asylum granted indefinitely.
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    2018 Asylum Filers

    Applied April 04, 2018 Bios in 10days One day before biometrics received the interview date Interview on May 09, 2018 3.5hrs interview in Newark The decision is to be picked up on May 23rd.
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    485 processing time

    Hi all, anyone experienced interview ref.I485 application based on asylum? My friend was has a scgeduled one in 2 weeks. He was granted asylum a year ago.
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    Recording Available, December 03, Community Conference Call with Attorney Rajiv S. Khanna

    How can I calculate my sister's possible visa interview? I am confused with these changes on final action date etc. Her PD is 1 Feb, 2011 visa category F2B She has already submitted dox to NVC. When she was waiting for the visa date she turned 21 and moved to f2b cat. Now looking forward to...
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    US citizen parents sponsoring over 21 son..

    Hi, this is helpful. How about the status of f1 now? Which one is faster? F2B or f1?
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    DV 2016 Winners Meet Here

    My application got selected in DV lottery 2016. As I can read somewhere the interview for DV2016 will start from October 2015 through Sept 2016. Also, once DS-260 form for Visa Application is submitted, KCC will take 4-6 weeks to share the interview date for that application. So my question is...
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    DV2016 EU Winner (3rd time in my family)

    This is my first time at dv llotary section And I'm here because my mum won the llotary. First of all I wish Aldo all the best. I'm from AL, too. Secondly, I need your help. 1. Is ds260 due for submitting now after we have been randomly selected or do we expect Kcc to contact first? 2. How...