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    MY I-485 approved

    thanks to everyone.. its all luck and time...there is no sequential process in uscis. p35, nj_skm, green always...and all old timers will get their approvels soon.
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    My I485 got approved today

    njrirlaber, Congratulations !!
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    My I-485 approved today

    mxjoh24, Congratulations !!!
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    MY I-485 approved

    fianlly I got welcome to permenent resident and card production ordered mails. this is great forum and hope everyone will get their approvels soon !!
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    How many EB2's are eligible for this APRIL - Pls Respond

    same here. 4 EADs, somany luck at all
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    Why USCIS is approving cases with RD 2007?

    I called from USCIS and came to know they are doing additional review on old PD cases like background check. looks like its a verification by calling GC sponsered company.
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    No Activity?

    I dont see any activity tho. is it spring break or visa numbers not avilable ?
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    spoke to TSC today (new twist) there is a EB2 with NC cleared case got approved. good news to us..
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    Congreats Gcalb.
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    Green Today

    Ramu...Congratulations. so, USCIS processing NC cleared EB2 cases.....good news
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    EB2 -PD Current--in April 2008

    today I got 4th EAD approved. but no luck with 485 -:)
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    congrats masood bai
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    EB2 -PD Current--in April 2008

    I dont see any EB2 approvels in last few weeks. TSC still feels big U ??
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    EB2 -PD Current--in April 2008

    I got a letter from USCIS that doing additional reviews on the case. my name check cleared on sept 07. what are the additional reviews do they do ?? any suggestions pls?
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    EB2 -PD Current--in April 2008

    I got name check cleared in oct 07. yesterday I got a letter from USCIS that case is under review. not sure whats going on
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    Spoke with TSC today, six more months to wait.

    koku, what country are u from ??
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    Is this true that LUD on 02/03/2008....a signal to end of the road.

    I have another LUD today 02/22/08. two times after 02/03.