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    Oath Ceremony, End of Journey

    Thanks guys for your kind wishes.......
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    Oath Ceremony, End of Journey

    Hi All, Just wanted to let you guys that I completed the Oath with other 143 Citizens in Downtown Chicago yesterday. The environment was emotional with speeches from two Directors of USCIS, one of her ran into tears while welcoming new US Citizens. They acknowledged that people jump through...
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    After all theses new American Citizens...National Passport Renew...

    so you are saying that a national of another country cannot enter Columbia? or are you talking about born Columbians who are now US citizens?
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    My Naturalization Interview Experience

    This is called "Futuristic Thinking" my friend..... ;)
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    My Naturalization Interview Experience

    Thanks all of you guys..... I will let you know how Oath goes tomorrow, which is just a formality for the most part.
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    My Naturalization Interview Experience

    Hi All, I am very excited to make the announcement that everything went well in my naturalization interview today. My interview was supposed to start at 9:25AM. After getting up at 4:00AM in the morning , I wanted to make sure that I reach the office on time in Chicago downtown (paranoid...
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    Finally a US CITIZEN

    My dear friend..congratulations It's funny that you mentioned you are from Columbia and I was watching a documentary about Andrea Escobar (the soccer player), who got killed in Columbia after losing a match with USA in 1994. He accidently hit his own ball into his own goal.. anyway, that's...
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    I am no Terrorist, any advice?

    dont' be foul mouthed idiots... we have gone thru whatever you are going thru in our past...
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    RTD screw up

    You can still use RTD even if you are a GC holder. It is a screw up in your case from USCIS.
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    I am no Terrorist, any advice?

    why are you freaked out? I think it should have been 30 years prison term.
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    Am I eligble to buy firearm?

    buying a gun does not automatically mean that you want to "kill" someone.... helloooo
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    Interview Letter

    Thanks guys... I will keep you updated.
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    Interview Letter

    Hi All, I have received the interview letter with the date set on July 12th, 2010. I am looking forward to it. Since I was finger printed within last few weeks, this tells me that my FPs did not get stuck in Name Check. I am writing this to comfort those whose FPs were stuck in Name Check...
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    Today I had my citizenship interview

    Hi 14ksusha... I am really happy for you... now enjoy your life.. I have a couple of questions though.. you did not mention any FPs done and you applied just like me in march and already have taken interview? Were you not asked for FPs? and what is your DO? thanks and again Congrats.
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    you can view how to file suit on my thread at the top of the asylum page "writ of mandamus"

    you can view how to file suit on my thread at the top of the asylum page "writ of mandamus"
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    Please help

    there would be no consequences to your current status. but once this status expires and you go back to your country of origin for a new visa, they will know that you had applied for asylum and then withdrew. you will probably never get a visa. most importantly, either you have fear of...
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    I became a U.S. Citizen

    Let me be the first one to congratulate you. I surely remember you from past years. Good luck and congrats again.
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    I passed my citizenship interview this morning

    congrats cchong... I remember you from old times when we were struggling for GC. I wish you well in your future life. Your signature does not indicate FPs? Were you not finger printed? Congrats again.
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    What happened to this forum??

    I think majority of the members that made this forum great either already have become citizens and have no interest in visiting this forum or they are on path to citizenship. I think it would be nice of senior members to visit forum from time to time and offer advise. Atleast I plan to do so...