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    Finally 485 Approved

    Hi Friends, Today I received an email saying that my card production is ordered. ****************************************************** The last processing action taken on your case Receipt Number: ########## Application Type: I485 , APPLICATION TO REGISTER PERMANENT RESIDENCE OR TO...
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    Biometrics for I-485

    Hi, I filed I-485 on june-29-07. (TSC) Got fingerprint notice on oct 2007. Went and gave the fingerprints. till date I did not hear anything about my case. So I called up customer service and put a service request. Today I got a letter saying that TSC is waiting for my biometrics. I...
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    Sending Child to India

    Gurus, My in-laws are with me here in USA. They came on visitor visa. We have a 2 year old kid who is US Citizen. We want to send the kid along with our in-laws to India so that return back with them again in 6 months. My question is: Will the officer at the port of entry create any...
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    How to calculate processing times?

    485 details ---------- My RD is June-29-2007 My ND is Sep-11-2007 Today TSC posted the processing time for 485 as July-17-2007 When Can I call customer service to find out the status of my case? If I call now, she is saying that my case is not is beyond the normal processing time...
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    EAD Renewal Question

    Hi, I applied for EAD and Advanced parole when I was applying for 485 last year. My Current EAD expires in september this year. I have not used EAD nor advanced parole till date and do not wish to do so in the near future. Currently I am on H1B which is till 2010. If I dont renew my EAD and...
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    INFO PASS Eligibility

    Hi Folks, Is there a time line or timeframe as to when we can take an Info pass to check the status of our case? My 485 RD is June-29-2007 and ND is Sep-11-2007 I want to know If my Name Check is cleared or not? case is in Texas Service Center. Please Advise as to when can I apply for an...