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    N-400. Divorce right after GC. Am I in trouble?

    Not sure what kind of help you're looking for. You've already had the n400 interview. What was the inadmissibility for? Divorces right after obtaining a GC occasionally tend to invite scrutiny. There have been a number of posts, hence a sort of trend, of reviewing applicants' entire immigration...
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    N400 application forgot to mention the traffic incident by mistake

    Don't forget to mention 1.Arrest for Domestic Violence that you went to jail for 6 months ago 2.the divorce filed a month after that 3.Traffic citation that you forget to mention on the n400
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    Tattoos & Self-Harm

    Getting inked is a personal decision, but the underlying psychological/medical issues may come out to not be a major issue if you're clean now, make sure everything is disclosed to any employer and/or on the ds160 visa application if and where applicable. In all honesty, not getting a J1 isn't...
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    Lost passport with i-94 in it while outside of US but still have combo card

    Assuming by combo card you mean a combo EAD/AP card, all you need is the AP part of the card. AP stands for Advance Parole, and is usually the primary 'document' CBP would require to process your admission/parole into the US.
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    Some inquires about b2 visa

    COs look for reasons that compel a B2 applicant to return home, reasons for visiting the US are usually not that important to a CO. Your GC does not provide any advantage to their b2 application. You can fill out the ds160, but your parent's are legally responsible for the ds160 contents. Is...
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    Question about marriage citizenship

    Marriage will not affect processing time for her citizenship. The 10-month processing time is based on the USCIS jurisdiction that she filed in, and would not go any faster by virtue of marriage.
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    Employment during first year holding Green Card.

    Always, always, always be honest on any application, irrespective of the honest reponses' impact on immigration.
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    Drug charges can i apply for citizenship

    There are no guarantees a different president would be any lenient. The current administration didn't pass any new deportation law, just enforcing the current ones that have existed during previous administrations. And this law would presumably still be on the books when a new prez comes in.
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    L1A Visa And I-94 Expired and extension rejected

    OP's posts pertain to Indian visa for his USC son. He appears to want to leave the US; MTR would be frivolous after an RFE and subsequent denial. OP could contact the India embassy about alternatives to parent's US legal presence documents if leaving the US for good.
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    P3 petition

    Adding to what Susie said, never ever assume a visa is a given until in (the artist's) hand. Having one previously does not necessarily mean another one would be issued as you unfortunately found out.
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    I'm I in removal processing?

    A competent immigration attorney should know how to proceed. Removal proceeding doesn't appear to be something a public forum would address.
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    I'm I in removal processing?

    What does the official letter say to do, the letter that mentioned your file is in the immigration court? I would make an Infopass appointment, and/or hire a lawyer as well to get to the bottom of what's going on. Do you have valid EAD/AP?
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    J1 to F1

    While those are personable traits, the US government looks at facts of a case from a legal perspective. Either your friend returns to his country as subject to the two-year rule, or applies and be approved for a waiver if eligible. Your friend's marriage to a USC spouse matters if he intends to...
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    I-275 withdrawal

    Anyone can apply for a visa
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    I-275 withdrawal

    No one could tell you the odds. Basically what CBP discovered wasn't a mistake, it was fraud. The I275 made you inadmissible to the US. And what you admitted to becomes part of your file in the system that every CO would have access to if you re-interview. There should be consequences to...
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    How did Trump limit visas exactly?

    Trump can talk all he want, but immigration can't be reduced (or increased) without Congressional approval. He can influence some policy with Executive Orders though. The H1B program has long been subject to abuse, and with a significant number of those going to Indian nationals, the...
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    Citizenship Atlanta Experience

    I'm not quite so sure about the odds of approval increasing as mentioned above. The IO did not have access to the court records of the 2 arrests on the n400, and the additional arrest mentioned at the interview. The N-14 could be for all records to become part of file and may still lead to a denial.
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    Citizenship Atlanta Experience

    Ah, good catch